If winter is your favorite time of the year, you should consider tie the knot in the wonderful holiday season. Below you find some inspiring Winter wedding ideas for you to consider when planning your Winter wedding. While the wedding dress, the wedding updo hairstyles or the bridal makeup do not have to abide by a winter theme, the rest of the wedding elements require some special ideas.

Winter Wedding Decoration

Inevitably, winter wedding decoration is generally associated to Christmas. Instead of exaggerating with Christmas decorations, use some distinctive details such as pine tree branched or small potted pine trees sprayed in white for a festive look. Illuminate the wedding venue with crystals and suspend cool lanterns from the roof. Another interesting Winter wedding idea is to choose a place that includes a large fireplace, surrounded by cozy sofas and comfortable chairs. As for the fabrics, opt for velvets that come in hues of lilac and brown, two colors that perfectly capture the elegance of the holiday season. For a glamorous Winter wedding, go for white and gold.

Wedding Invitations and Cards

Generally, invitations for Winter weddings reflect Christmas or New Year`s Eve, but you can take things a little further and let yourself inspired by the winter season. Starting from the idea of comfort and warmth, place the wedding invitation in cloth bags. You can also create Winter wedding invitations with borders in velvet or another cold weather fabric; use the same design for the table cards, menus seating chart and other items.

Seasonal Flowers

The seasonal flowers that go perfectly to a Winter wedding are gardenias, buttercups, poinsettia, lily of the valley, daisies, mistletoe and pine tree. Create the impression of pure snowflakes by decorating with white baby orchids. For sparkling touch, use small crystals or combine white baby roses with feathers in the wedding bouquet.

Warm Menu

The perfect Winter wedding menu is warm, tasty, seasoned and spicy. You can start with a hot Moroccan soup and complete the meat dish with inviting pumpkin and cream puree. Also serve small cups of Irish coffee or hot chocolate, as well as delicious warm cookies.

Wedding Cake

Surprise your guests with a chocolate wedding cake with wild berry filling and covered with whipped cream. Decorate with cream and white chocolate snowflakes.

Wedding Favors

Some of the best Winter wedding favors include small cookie-filled boxes, miniature bottles of chocolate liquor, chocolate truffles, small bottles of champagne, as well as warm and colorful scarves. But winter wedding favors can take on a more holiday-looking aspect as well, such as candy cane apples decorated like Christmas ornaments, or home-made snow globes made in jars.

As you can see, a few simple ideas can turn a classic wedding into a magical wedding winter. If you want to add some more magic to your wedding, you can also choose a winter fairy look. You can choose between various sophisticated wedding updo hairstyles which will give you a magical, wintery look. A glittery dress will also be more suitable for the winter theme as it will resemble the glittery snowflakes. As far as the jewelry goes, you must learn a few tricks about how to choose the right earrings for your face shape which should also compliment your hairstyle. You can learn more about jewelry if you visit http://www.revolution1jewelry.com. On this website, you will also find some wedding jewelry inspiration and much more.

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