Why you should use an open-source app builder


You’re on the brink of launching your own business and you wish to create a mobile application for your customers. As you should be, considering that apps are must-have tech accessories for companies. Mobile applications aren’t only for big names like L’Oréal and Walmart. Small and medium-sized enterprises can adopt the mobile trend. Providing your customers a mobile application is equal to providing them value. They can access information, no matter where they are, and get acquainted with you.

There are many tools out there to help you make your own mobile app. Yes, you don’t need to hire an experienced programmer. If you need to develop your mobile application fast and with high quality components, you should opt for an open-source app builder like Siberian CMS. Is this app maker the right tool for you? Sure, it is. An open-source app builder, or CMS, is incredibly easy to use, not to mention that you can tailor the product to your business’ needs. Still on the fence about using an open-source app maker? If the answer is yes, you may want to check out our top reasons why you should choose an open-source app builder.

You have the software for you and you own it

An open-source app maker is one that you buy to a company, which signifies that you keep ownership of the mobile application. This implies that you don’t risk losing anything if the service provider ceases operations. Since you aren’t counting on the provider of the system, you can create a web application that runs on mobile platforms and publish it within 10 days. You are free to publish your application because it is your sole property. What you have to understand is that you don’t have to worry about the issue of property.

Infinite customization possibilities   

You have a finite product, but as things progress, you have a new functionality in mind. If you have the necessary skills, or you don’t, you can update your software to reflect any changes you have made based on testing or user feedback. For instance, if you own a retail business, you are able to add features for your customers’ shopping. If customers want you to add new features to the existing app, meet their needs. Edit the source code and present your customers a user-friendly solution.  

There’s nothing stopping you from making customizations. You can make as many improvements as you want. Note that the possibilities are endless. You have the opportunity of customizing the mobile application as much as you want or need to. The open-source software tool allows you to add a variety of features to your mobile app and the beauty of the CMS solution is that you don’t need technical know-how. The drag-and-drop interface is so simple that even business professionals with no familiarity with programming can use it and achieve great results. In fact, most users don’t have technical talent whatsoever. You can use the app creator to add new features because you pay for the service, but don’t add new functionality just for the sake of it.  

Dependability, successful operation, and absence of failure

You own the software. You don’t have developers on staff, there’s just you and the open-source software. But you already knew that. What you didn’t know is that even if you don’t have any worries, you’re not alone after you’ve purchased the open-source software. The team that created the software is also the one that keeps it going. If you encounter any issues, it is them you need to turn to. The software design team is willing to help you with your project, if you need any help, of course. What’s certain is that your attempt will not meet with failure.

The aspect you should realize is that your company will benefit significantly from using a DIY tool. Such a system is reliable, offers customization possibilities, and allows you to build an enduring asset for your company. With an open-source app maker, you are building something that brings in cash. You can build a powerful mobile application and you’ll not even exceed your budget. Keep in mind that the gain is entirely yours.

If you’re developing a working business application, you’ll probably want to use an open-source app builder. A CMS will make things so much easier for you. The last thing you should do is use a SaaS app maker solution. Why? Because you’re burdened with the features provided by the company, not to mention that you can lose your hard work. No, it is not the ideal solution for your company. What you should do is say yes to the open-source app builder.

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