Why Surfers Should Try Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding is among the newest sports to appear. While some have embraced it and consider it not only a challenge but a lot of fun too, unfortunately, there still are surfers out there who consider paddle boarding as not being much of a challenge, and not as thrilling as classic surfing. But the truth is that this sport comes with its own set of challenges and benefits, as long as you are open-minded enough to try it out. If you’re a surfer and you’re still in doubt about paddle boarding, read the following lines to find out why you should take it up.

You can practice paddle boarding in a wide range of conditions

What truly makes paddle boarding fun to try is the fact that it can be practiced in a wide range of conditions. For example, you can use your stand up paddle board even if there are no waves, or if the waves reach 20 feet. Of course, to master the art of paddle boarding, you have to practice as often as you can. Only then can you face more difficult challenges like big waves.


Each type of paddle boarding requires a certain stand up paddle board, also known as SUP, and the choices include hard or inflatable boards. For you to enjoy paddle boarding on calm waters, you will have to rely on a quality inflatable SUP while big waves require a solid board made of a strong and durable resin.

Paddle boarding offers a great full body workout

Surfing might be a great workout, but paddle boarding is even better. This sport makes you work out your core, legs, back, and arms. Therefore, it offers a great full body workout. What makes paddle boarding such a challenge is the fact that you have to use all your muscles for stability on the board. Just be warned, even if you’re in a top-notch physical condition, you might still be faced with sore muscles after your first paddle boarding session.

Paddle boarding can be taken up anywhere

As a surfer, you can’t practice the sport you love anywhere you go, and in any period of the year. On the other side, due to the fact that paddle boarding can be practiced even when there are no waves, you can practice this sport anywhere there’s water.


This means that you won’t have to limit yourself to the ocean from now on, being able to exercise even in streams, lakes, or rivers. This is a great advantage for when you’re on vacation at the seaside as well, having a chance exercise in the environment you like most, the water, even if there are no waves to be seen. Now your vacations will be all the more exciting as SUP destinations are quite plentiful and spectacular.

A more versatile activity

Through their design, SUPs can allow the user to take up a wide range of activities. If you love the water, you want to spend as much time as possible in the aquatic environment, and the paddle board provides you with this possibility as it opens you up to a whole new world, providing you with the possibility to fish as you stand on the board or even do a hearty workout for the body and brain through SUP yoga poses.

Basically anyone can learn it

You might have tried your hand at surfing and not ended up as successful as you would have initially imagined as this activity can be quite challenging. Some who tried the switch report that SUP surfing is a lot more beginner-friendly than the classic method, so you should give it a chance too.


Moreover, as you learn how to paddle board you can gradually increase your surfing skills as well with the passing of time. Just get on the board and practice on calm water first, get a hang of how to maneuver the SUP, and when you are in your element, proceed with more challenging routines.

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