Why should couples take dancing lessons before the wedding?

All couples are nervous about their first dance, but you can keep stress away if you take some professional lessons. You may miss numerous traditions at your wedding but the first dance is mandatory and you should plan it ahead. The actual act of dancing makes many people nervous, but you shouldn’t worry, lessons will help you relax. To help you gain confidence we recommend watching Strictly with judge Craig Revel Horwood, it will provide you inspiration for the type of dance you should choose.

Dance classes will prevent you from swaying awkwardly back and forth for 3 minutes

During your first dance all your guests’ eyes are on you, and you don’t want to look awkward. So you have to ask yourself if you really want to look stuck with the same two moves you performed with your crush in the fourth grade or you want to look like you know what you’re doing. You don’t, so this is the perfect moment to select the dance you like from Strictly Come Dancing with Craig Revel Horwood, and search a local trainer to help you reproduce the dance. You should listen to the recommendations and evaluations the judges make to better understand what skills you need.

Dancing helps you connect with your partner in a different way

Planning your wedding is a stressful process, and you need any distraction to relax. If you learn together something new, you’ll connect to a new level and you’ll share together the same experience. As you could see behind the scenes of Strictly, the pairs of dancers better connect as they dance more together. Their first dance may not look amazing, but as they spend more time together and rehearse, they sync better. Craig Revel Horwood and the other judges always appreciate the pairs who commit to their love for dance and manage to execute beautiful dances because of their connection.

Dancing is a different type of exercise

You may want to tone up for the wedding, but you don’t have enough time to hit the gym. Well, you don’t have to exercise in a gym to lose weight and tone up, you can do it while you rehearse for your first dance. And where do you add that dancing is one of the most entertaining activities. While you focus on the moves you have to perform to execute a perfect dance on your wedding day, you’ll not even notice that you’re exercising. After a couple of sessions, you’ll start noticing results, and you’ll be thrilled to see that dancing not only transforms you into better dancers, but also helps you achieve your ideal weight.

You’ll show off in front of your guests

Showing off on your wedding day is accepted, as long as you don’t do it before or after. If you were the couple in your group of friends who always had awkward moves, this is your chance to prove to them that you can take on the dance floor, and shine while you do it. It doesn’t matter what choreography you choose; you should shake what your mama gave you and you’ll have the most amazing dance.

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