White collar crimes

White collar crimes are usually nonviolent and financially motivated. This term was first used in 1939 and described as a person of high social status in their occupation, that commits such a crime. The legal community has come to classify fraud, insider-trading, embezzlement, and money laundering, as typical crimes within this group. The nature of the corporate environment, public scrutiny, and complicated issues, requires expertise from a legal firm that specializes in this particular field.

  • Investigation

Investigating an internal theft from a business can have many road blocks. Attempting to access records to prove a financial charge is often met with resistance from a firm that is uncooperative. The ‘how’ of crimes committed can take months of research and negotiations of pre-arrest arrangements. The federal government is often involved in their own investigation, wanting to bring quick closure to a case. Being able to obtain needed records, keeping a low profile for a client, and the art of negotiation, are all traits that can make an investigation move more smoothly by a white collar criminal defense team.

  • Experience

Not all lawyers possess the ability to represent those involved in white collar crimes. Only proof of experience can serve as a means of competence. The background of an attorney serves as an indicator to the right qualifications of whether a case can be won. For example, Timothy Broas of Winston & Strawn LLP, is involved in representing clients of the white collar crime nature in Washington D.C. and was hand picked by the President of the United States to serve on a special board surrounding advanced study of policymakers and preeminent thinkers. Attorneys, such as this, are only chosen from years of experience. Follow tim broas on twittter to see how the unique facts and experience quickly unfold.

  • New Areas of Fraud

The computer age has created a new area of fraud, classified in white collar crimes. Hacking and manipulation of technology within cyberspace has opened an entirely new way of penetrating funds for personal gain. This is a very complex area when trying to trace and prove the needed facts for a case. An attorney with the right contacts, persuasion, and patience, can uncover evidence of such a technical nature. Insider trading, identity theft, and broker fraud are often crimes associated with computer savvy. Proving the innocence of a client within this realm can be extremely detailed and complex.

White collar crimes have evolved into an area that requires the investigation and expertise of specialized attorneys. Placing trust into the hands of an inexperienced lawyer can lead to a ruined reputation, thousands of dollars in fines, and possibly, jail time. By researching the past cases of a law firm that claims to be prominent in white collar crimes and corporate fraud, much time and money can be saved in protecting a future. By using social media, searching profiles, and researching past cases, a better sense of who is top in this field can help to determine the best representation for a case.

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