When and Why You May Need a Sports Lawyer

Sports law is just as complex as any law; when you think about it, you immediately imagine big lawsuits where an athlete sues his team for medical negligence or sports-related injuries, but the truth is matters can get even more complicated than that, and sports law covers a wide area of practices. A sports lawyer will indeed probably deal more with cases such as these, where an athlete is suing his/her team, sports physicians or patrons, or the other way around – when the patrons may sue the athlete for not respecting clauses of the contract. For instance, a sports team’s leaders may consider it appropriate to sue one of their athletes if his or her behavior outside of the career is affecting the team’s image and performance. This is a breach of contract, so they are entitled to it.

But sports law can also refer to lawsuits of intellectual property; a team or team’s patronage may decide to sue an individual, group, or company, for spreading false information about them and thus bringing image and financial prejudices, for spreading private information that was not meant for public consumption, for airing images or videos of competitions without proper approval, and so on. But a sports lawyer doesn’t just represent professional players, they represent amateurs as well, and even non-athletes who have more or less to do with the world of sports. Even a sports equipment company will be subject to sports law, and in case of a lawsuit, will have to employ the services of a sports lawyer.

Why is it so important to hire a sports lawyer, no matter how little your case is tied to actual sports performance? Just consider medical negligence: would you hire any lawyer to represent you against a physician whose practices have harmed you emotionally and physically? Of course not, which is why you would need a sports lawyer in anything related to sports, be it a negligence case, a breach of contract case, a publicity and image case. Lawyers like Joseph Tacopina specialize in a certain type of lawsuits, and surround themselves with legal teams that make all the research necessary to giving you, the client, the best fighting chance possible. Getting a good lawyer in these cases is vital, because careers and a lot of money depend on them.

Thus, as you can see, a sports lawyer will deal with an incredibly diverse type of cases; they may defend or prosecute sports bar owners, sports equipment manufacturers, athletes, coaches, sports physicians, sports clubs, sports agents, institutions and so much more. In that respect, a sports lawyer is never sufficiently trained: because the cases they take on are so diverse, their expertise needs to be as well, so one might constantly find themselves studying other areas, such as commercial, financial or healthcare, depending on the needs of each client. Add to that the fact that sports law classes are relatively new in sports schools, and you can see why this is an area of the law in full expansion.

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