What’s the Best Handheld Fabric Steamer, Can It Replace the Iron?

Change is always good, especially when it comes to the way we do our chores as these changes translate into a higher speed, more efficiency, and better results. A household chore that none of us can skip on and that is performed by most on a daily basis in removing wrinkles from the clothes and other fabrics. For this task, most people are accustomed to using the clothes iron, an appliance that might be effective and that has its upsides but that apparently, in the eyes of a lot of modern people, fails in comparison with the handheld fabric steamer.

We are aware of the fact that no one likes to take chances when making new investments, this being the reason why we have written this article. Here, we will present you with the best clothes steamer of the moment, reviewing it so that you will have a better understanding of what it can offer, and we will answer the question regarding the appliance’s capability to fully replace the classic iron.

ESTEAM Personal Hand Held Steamer – the Best Steamer on the Market

Jiffy Steamer, the company responsible for the design and manufacturing of the remarkable ESTEAM Personal Hand Held steamer, can take great pride in producing it as it’s definitely the best model that the market has to offer right now. To list some of the highlights that make this handheld clothes steamer such a smart investment for all people, know that it boasts a magnificent 9-ounce capacity of the water tank, thus guaranteeing that you won’t have to waste time refilling it too often and that it takes only 60 seconds for the steamer to heat up and be ready for use. Not only this, but it delivers up to 15 minutes of continuous steam, a great achievement for any handheld clothes steamer as these appliances generally deliver a lower performance due to their compact size.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can’t find other options out there that deliver a better steam time per filling, but to do this you have to look into floor models. If this sounds like a good idea to you and if you’re interested in reading about floor models, you can find quality floor clothes steamer reviews on Steamer.clothing. Now let’s go back to the ESTEAM model, the handheld steamer that we’re interested in and that is widely considered as being the best product out there. Unlike the traditional iron, this steamer comes with features that make it safer and more convenient to use, the automatic safety shut-off being the perfect example. To finish off this small review, know that the steamer even comes with a plethora of accessories, these useful accessories making it a real delight to use it.

Handheld Steamer vs Clothes Iron

What no one can deny is the fact that there are advantages to be enjoyed with the clothes iron as this appliance presses the clothes, releasing steam if you choose this option, in order to effectively get rid of even the most stubborn wrinkles. But this doesn’t make the iron the most optimal choice to go with as handheld steamers offer a lot of advantages as well, with the added benefit that they don’t enter into direct contact with the fabric. Thus, they can even be used on delicates. But let’s not waste time on generalities about the two appliances and move on to see exactly what their pros and cons are.

Handheld Steamer



Lightweight It doesn’t press the fabrics – heavy materials might require more steaming
Easy to handle and maneuver  
Easy to store away when you’re done using it  
Safe to use on delicates  
Helps eliminate unpleasant odors on fabrics  
Sanitizes the clothes and fabrics  
Won’t burn the fabric  
No setup is required  
Fast de-wrinkling  
Fast heat up time  

Clothes Iron



Large base plate ensures a fast de-wrinkling Heavy weight makes it more tiring to use
Presses the garments to effectively remove wrinkles Can’t be used on delicates – you risk burning the fabric
Can be used with or without stea Requires an ironing board – not space-efficient
Features various temperature settings – appropriate for different types of fabrics Hot surface of the plate makes it a dangerous appliance
Easy and intuitive operation Limited by the cord’s length
Generous water tank capacity Limited steam options
Perfect for use on heavy fabrics Not energy efficient – only high-end models consume a decent amount of energy

Conclusion – Can the Handheld Steamer Replace the Iron?

It should be obvious by now, but we’re going to say it anyway – yes, the steamer can effectively replace the iron. Not only can it do just as good of a job as the iron does, but in some cases it actually greatly surpasses this classic household appliance, delivering features and capabilities that make it far more appealing.

The pros of the handheld garment steamer clearly outweigh the pros of the iron, and there’s the added benefit that generally these handheld de-wrinkling tools cost less when compared to irons. Therefore, no matter how you look at the situation, the steamer ends up on top. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the iron is obsolete as it still does a wonderful job when it comes to removing wrinkles from heavy materials such as the ones that jeans and shirts are made with. Nonetheless, we do live in a modern world and if you want to adapt with it and gain free time, sparing yourself from a very tiring chore by transforming it into a rather pleasant one, then the steamer is what you need to use from now on.

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