What is the Best Time to Visit Europe?

Europe is a fascinating continent. It is a cradle of civilization and a wonderful mixture of various cultures. As a foreigner, if you want to visit Europe, you must pick the best moment. The best time to visit Europe depends on the exact locations that you want to visit but it also depends on your budget. In this article, we will help you plan your European trip at a moment which best fits your needs.

The cheapest time to visit Europe
As a general rule, European trips are most expensive during the summer, but the prices also peak during special holidays such as Christmas. The cheapest traveling prices are found however during the winter, which in the travel agency’s opinion starts late October and ends mid March. Paris can still be charming in late autumn or in the early spring and if you are a skying enthusiast, you should definitely book a holiday in the Alps during the winter. Furthermore, the weather of the northern countries is always cold and visiting them during the summer won’t make such a huge difference. If you are considering a complex trip which includes several countries, you should plan during the spring as it is generally the best time to visit Europe. During the spring the travel prices are moderate and the whether is perfect for exploring.

What do you want to see?
The best time to visit Europe depends not only on the budget but also on the experience that the traveler wants to have. A person who lives on another continent will make a big financial sacrifice in order to book a trip to Europe. People with average incomes only afford such a trip a couple of times in their lifetime which is why they should try to make the best of it. If visiting Europe has always been on your bucket list, then you should do it right. The more exotic countries such as Greece, Turkey, Spain or Malta are best visited during the summer. What is the point of seeing the crystal waters surrounding Greece’s exotic beaches if it is too cold to take a bath. If you don’t aim for exotic getaways but rather for cultural experiences, then you should plan your visit during the spring or at the beginning of the fall. This way, you will avoid the excessive heat of the summer when exploring the plazas of the cultural cities.

Festivals and parades
All European cities have a special charm but some of them are truly magical if you visit them during certain periods. For example, February is a festival month in many European cities such as Venice and Viareggio in Italy or Sitges in Spain. Easter is also a festival season in Italy and Spain. If you are a music fan, then you should definitely visit Europe during the summer and make sure not to miss France’s Fete de la Musique on June 21,  Somerset in England and Roskilde Festival in Denmark, both in July.

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