Vita Novus Recovery Center – What is efficient rehab?

Drug addiction is a terrible and difficult illness that affects more and more people every day, regardless of age, social status or financial means. When you realize a close friend, a family member or your loved one has a drug problem or alcohol problem, you immediately think of rehab, but what does rehabilitation actually mean? What can you expect from it and what makes rehab efficient? Today, there are countless addiction treatment centers and not all of them provide the best of care and effective recovery, so how do we tell the good ones from the non-efficient rehabilitation centers? First of all, you need to draw a distinctive line between the governmental programs and the private rehab centers, such as the Vita Novus addiction facility, as they generally provide different approaches to recovery. Governmental programs are inclined to use traditional treatment courses, while modern rehabs, like the Vita Novus recovery center, choose a holistic approach, which means focus not only on the physical addiction that one’s body shows, but also on the psychological dependency and on the addict’s life style and behavior, which makes the recovery process really effective.


Another aspect that makes rehabilitation efficient is the personal focus attributed to the patient. Although addiction may have the same basis, drugs, prescription meds, alcohol and so on, each and every case has its individuality and patients respond very differently to treatment, therapy and counseling, which is why, in order for the rehab to be efficient, patients need one on one attention and individual monitoring. To that extent, reliable and proficient treatment centers, such as the Vita Novus addiction treatment facility, employ a large number of physicians, counselors and therapists, to be able to offer the much needed attention to all of their clients. Furthermore, if you read any of the numerous Vita Novus reviews or feedback from any of such rehabilitation facilities for that matter, you will see that the personnel includes not only highly specialized therapists and physicians, but also recreational staff, such as massage therapists and fitness trainers, which help patients relax and achieve an overall state of well being, further increasing the efficiency of the rehab.

It is a well known fact that rehabilitation does not take 2 weeks, 2 months or 6 months, but rather a life time and having long term support is very important in order to prevent relapse. In many cases the non-efficiency of the rehab is translated exactly through the act of relapse, as a great number of people return to their old habits after a certain period of time has passed since they got out of rehab. To that extent, efficient rehabilitation facilities, such as the Vita Novus recovery center, provide additional support for patients after they get out of rehab, in order to prevent them from falling prey to relapse. This is a very important aspect and has proven to give wonderful results, helping a lot of people stay clean and embrace a drug free life.


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