What difference is there between American football and rugby?

For many of us American football and rugby are completely synonymous. If you are not a sport enthusiast and you don’t frequently watch world sport news, it can be very easy to confuse American football with rugby. We do not perceive them as being different sports, although there are some subtle differences. A genuine football fan would be offended to hear anyone make this confusion. American football fans that happen to live in the UK do not miss the chance of procuring themselves their favourite team’s jersey from http://www.nfl-store.uk and cheer for the team even in the front of the TV. So in the end is there any major difference between them?

Different terminology, the same origin

Rugby is mainly the British variant of the American sport. It is certain that the British sport was first. The English colonists brought the game over to Canada and North America and became very popular in universities. In addition to this, soccer was also introduced. At that time, soccer and rugby were not as distinct as they are today. In time, the game codes slowly took different paths. Rugby is believed to have originated in the 19th century in England. The sport was much more appreciated than is football today due to the fact that it allows players to handle the ball with their hands. Till the end of the century the sport had already spread to the north of England.

Specific rules

American football is played by two teams, each having 11 players and the couch has the possibility of making how many changes he likes. Teams are given each three time-offs in each half. The two opponents stand in front of each other and the player who receives the ball can either run with it or pass it on with the objective of advancing the ball into the opponent’s end-zone. Rugby is rather a mixture of American football, soccer and basketball. Players mostly run a lot and use transition schemes, just like in basketball. The teams are formed of 15 players consisting of forwards and backs that have to get the ball across the opponent’s goal line or to kick the ball through the goal post. Both teams strive to get possession of the ball and they score by crossing the opponent’s goal line.

Rugby is more dangerous

The British sport is much more physical demanding than American football. If you would watch the world sport news from time to time, you would notice that rugby injuries are more serious and more frequent than football injuries. Moreover, American football players have serious gear. As opposed to the Americans, rugby players do not wear any padding to protect themselves. Thus, the battle is lead body-to-body, implying direct physical contact and increased chances of getting seriously injured. Moreover, in rugby players are not given any breaks. Practically, they play non-stop and in the end are exhausted.
To conclude, even if there are noticeable distinctions to be made between these two sports, the game basically remains the same. Players try to advance the oval-shaped ball into each other’s goal line and score. While American football is set more on moves and strategy, rugby is all about spontaneous game. Nevertheless, their origins are the same. Even if each country in particular has adapted the game to its own needs, the universal game code still apply.