Couples who are to be married should check out the latest wedding trends for 2012 in order to find inspiration for their special day.

  • Vintage  Style

One of the biggest wedding trends for 2012, vintage is here to stay. Add a vintage touch to your wedding by using things that remind you of your childhood such as toys, colors or other nostalgic objects.

  • Engagement photo shoot with a theme

Make the best out of the growing trend of having an engagement or dating photo session. Another big trend is to incorporate a certain style into the session, such as having a storyline.

  • Wedding gowns with asymmetrical necklines

Wedding dresses with asymmetrical necklines are on the top list of wedding trends for 2012, so check out the latest wedding dresses collections.

  • Cool groom

The groom is cooler than ever, as he can successfully make some bold choices such as colorful socks and original sneakers, but also bow ties matching the sneakers, hat, suspenders or cap. There are a lot of cute fashion ideas that you can use to make the groom the center of attention as well, since brides are always the focus by default. These cute fashion ideas range from getting the groom to wear funny or original items, to giving him a moment alone during a wedding, when he can make a dance routine, perform a trick or something of the kind.

  • Do-it-yourself

Handmade wedding elements are not only economical, but they also make the Big Day even more special and original.

  • Elaborate dessert table

Wedding trends for 2012 come with company for the wedding cake, as the dessert table will also feature elaborate desserts and sweets that deliciously compliment the wedding cake.

  • Small wedding

Intimate weddings are also a major trend for 2012. Create a homely atmosphere by inviting only your closest family and friends, but make sure you take care of the smallest details.

  • Rustic style

Another important wedding trend for 2012 is the rustic chic décor, as outdoors weddings in rustic chic style continue to be very popular.

  • Super 8mm movie

Forget about the traditional and boring wedding movies! Now, the bride and groom can tell a story in a trendy short movie filmed with big screen movie quality or inspired by a 70s flick. The result will surely be a beautiful memory for you and your guests.

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