Wedding traditions and superstitions

Maybe you are not a superstitious person, but you certainly want to get a good start in your new life, so one solution would be to borrow from those traditions that you find interesting or to stay away from certain things that are said to bring bad luck. Read the following traditions and superstitions about the wedding.

  • Throwing rice at the couple. This tradition is usually practiced when the grooms leave the church and it has a great importance. For a start, rice should not be replaced with confetti and that’s because rice signifies fecundity thrown over the bodies of the couple and the abundant life that awaits them. Also, cheers are not without significance too. Noise is meant to ward off evil spirits that come in the wedding day to take the divine gifts of the couple.
  • The throwing of the garter. This is a moment that can sometimes be embarrassing and dates back to the Paleolithic era. The garter has magical properties, giving the bride supernatural powers. The groom removes the garter from the bride’s leg and it is tossed to the bachelors. The man who catches the garter will marry first because it will be enchanted by the feminine charms.
  • The throwing of the bridal bouquet. The legend says that back in England unmarried girls at a wedding wanted to keep pieces of material from the flowers and the brides dress, tearing her dress. Since then, the bride chooses at the end of the wedding to throw the bouquet, the luckiest girl being the next to marry.
  • The bride should wear ‘Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue’. The tradition of wearing at the wedding something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue actually comes from England of the XIX-th century and is the union with the past and especially with the bride’s family (the old object is usually inherited from the mother or grandmother), the hope to be lucky in marriage (something new), the attempt to borrow from the experience and success of another married woman (something borrowed). The wearing of a blue object can be interpreted as a kind of union with the beloved husband, knowing that blue represents masculinity. On the other hand, this color is the messenger of peace and safety.
  • The exchange of rings. The wedding ring symbolizes the closed circle of the union of those who marry, in which nobody and nothing should interfere. The Egyptian legend says that through the left ring finger passes the vein of love that leads to the heart. Thus, by exchanging the rings, the wedding rings that touch this vein will keep forever pure feelings of love.

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