Wedding invitations: ideas and trends

In case you haven`t decided about how your wedding invitations will look like, below you can find some great wedding invitations ideas and trends that will inspire you. However, you still have to deal with these details as soon as possible and not leave them for a last minute wedding checklist; it can take some time to find out the exact number of guests, to find the right card maker, and to choose the model you want.

  • Monogram with the bride and groom`s initials

One of the most popular choices for wedding invitation, the monogram with the bride and groom`s initials is elegant and timeless, while symbolizing their union.

  • Simple and chic

Even if you can be tempted to add some color, remember that an all white wedding invitation is simple, chic and modern.

  • Fabric

An original approach is using fabric envelope for a wedding invitation. Take things a little further by using the same fabric in order to decorate the actual invitation. Make sure you put the wedding invitation in a larger envelope before you send them out by mail.

  • Handwritten lettering

Using handwritten lettering is a timeless idea that offers and elegant touch to the wedding invitation, so consider it especially if the wedding will be more formal and exclusive.

  • Eco-friendly

When creating an eco-friendly wedding invitation use recycled paper, paper made from 100% cotton or bamboo, and eco-friendly ink made with soy. Still, make sure you do not sacrifice style. Another great idea is to hire a calligrapher to handwrite all your wedding invitation.

  • Standout motifs

If your wedding is modern and original, the wedding invitations should come in the same style, so make the best out of contemporary, distinct and standout motifs.

  • Jewels

When you want to make a fashionable statement, embellish your wedding invitation with small gem stickers, a band of pearls or a monogram with Swarovski crystals.

  • Flowers

You can successfully use flower motifs on the invitation or you can even go for a floral stamp for the invitation, envelope or other wedding detail.

  • Embossing and texture

Address to the sense of touch and have your wedding invitations embossed and textured.

  • Funny

Personalize the wedding invitation by using a funny approach. For example, put pictures of the bride and groom as kids and write something like “we finally did it”.

  • Vintage

When talking about wedding invitations ideas and trends, vintage is definitely back, so create the wedding invitation in this style by incorporating details such as silk bows, polka dots, rosettes or silk paper.

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