For a wide range of businesses and organizations, surveys and market research represent important factors that influence the decision-making process. Nowadays, the internet provides access to tremendous amounts of data, but the process of collecting the pieces of data is tiring and eventually, costly. There are some companies that still employ people to copy-paste information from online platforms, but the entire operation is time-consuming, overwhelming and expensive. Taking into account the resources involved to complete this process, it can be said that the amount of data collected is less. To that extent, a web scraper is the most effective tool used to complete this process at the highest quality standards, with a minimum amount of resources involved, in the shortest possible time frame.

In today’s business environment, you can easily find many data mining companies that have developed excellent techniques that can crawl over thousands of websites and their pages in order to collect specific information. Furthermore, the quantity of data collected is stored in a CSV file, database, XML file or any other logical format that is required. A web scraper can streamline the entire process, regardless of its size, for it is a software loaded with many innovative features that automatically link to the database to manage information as it is harvested from a website. Once the data has been collected and stored, the data mining process can be performed in order to identify hidden patterns and trends contained in the amount of information. Eventually the series of correlations and patterns influence the decision-making process.

A standard web scraper is designed to navigate the online environment, to assess the content of a site , to harvest significant amounts of data and place them into pre-defined structures. In this connection one of the greatest things is that the entire process is completed within a very short time frame. There are many companies that make use of a web scraper because this tool is designed to serve a multitude of business purposes and interests. You can use scrapping techniques to access a government portal and collect personal details about citizens, or to access competitor websites and track their product launches, marketing strategies and product pricing. Additionally, this tool can be used to download video and images for online galleries and website design. However, the most important thing to remember is that this software is created to help a business track the website data changes over a certain time frame, to collect and manipulate data on a regular basis and to enable the identification of customer or market trends in a timely manner.

The interesting part is that a web scraper has the ability to navigate websites and make important decisions regarding the information that it is programmed to copy. Using this software it is actually possible to access and exploit any type of data that is related to your business, to interpret and understand all sorts of correlations, to identify patterns and use them to create business strategies and influence consumers’ behavior. All in all, a web scraper is a reliable tool that improves data manipulation and management processes, regardless of their purposes and eventually enables sustainable business growth.

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