Warehouse security tips and tricks

A warehouse’s security might be the most important part when running a business, as this space stores precious products that can be more expensive than the business itself in some cases. Because of that, the best security practices should be applied to keep the products safe. Since security is an important issue, all business owners must be prepared to invest considerable amounts of money in securing their warehouses, while also keeping themselves informed about the latest warehouse security upgrades and trends. Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers should get informed about this topic thoroughly, as they are the ones who can take advantage of these tips the most. Here is the list:

Automating data entry practices

Sometimes, harm can come from within. Your own employees can steal from the warehouse if they are not trustful and the processes used for data entry are not efficient. For instance, when writing down data on printed tables, the risk for making errors increases, data is not easy to search and products may not be included in the inventory, which will lead to financial losses. Today’s technology lets you automate the data entry process by scanning barcodes or using RFID readers. This way, you eliminate most errors associated with regular data entry practices and you count the products the proper way, so you don’t encounter any losses.

Hazard assessment

Unfortunate events happen all the time, and warehouses are even more exposed to them. If a fire starts, the warehouse should be prepared for the hazard, as well as the employees who work there. In this sense, set up emergency exits and create an extensive evacuation procedure. All employees must be trained to follow this procedure in case something happens. The tools, machines, operations and equipment used must be safe to avoid employee injuries. For instance, if you use a higher access spider lift hire, you should make sure that the employees are trained to use it and that the machine is in good shape. Provide all employees with protective equipment as well, to keep them safe and adequate for work.

Perimeter protection services

This might be the most important aspect of warehouse security, especially if the warehouse you own has a considerable perimeter. In this sense, you can either use technological equipment to keep the place surveilled at all times, or you can hire professional security teams that can check the perimeter during hours of your choice. Using both methods is efficient if your warehouse hosts expensive products that need additional security. Among the technological devices that you should use for protecting the perimeter of your warehouse, you should consider using video cameras, glass-break detection and door security systems that are directly connected to the professional security teams you hired.  

Access control

Whoever gets in an out of the warehouse should be identified. In this sense, you should build an access control system. Only people that have been granted access should be allowed in the warehouse and whoever is simply visiting should be provided with a visitor’s card. Key cards are not expensive to make and this system is the most efficient one. Electronic access allows you to track all the people who entered and left the warehouse and at what time. This, combined with video surveillance, represent the strongest security system that you can use to protect your warehouse. It can protect the warehouse from both internal and external threats.

Environmental monitoring

If the products you store in the warehouse are dependent on a certain environment, you must make sure that the environment is kept that way while the products are stored. If the environment is influenced and the conditions are disturbed, the products can be altered leading to financial loss as well. Air conditioning systems, heating systems, refrigerated rooms and so on must be supervised using an environmental monitoring system, which means that you can receive information regarding the temperature, pressure or power in any room of your warehouse. These systems are very useful, especially if you can access this information no matter where you are, at any given moment.  

Checking the functionality of machinery

If your warehouse requires using machines, you need to check their status regularly to make sure they work properly, while also providing your employees with training for using them. For example, if you selected a spider lift hire company to rent you the machines for warehouse operations, you should run tests on a regular basis to check whether the machines work properly or not. This way, you avoid unfortunate situations and employee injuries, which can lead to serious consequences. In many cases, the functionality of the tools used in warehouses is the main reason for work accidents, so an investigation is worth all the time and money that you invest in it.

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