When it comes to choosing a home and garden design, a lot of people focus on two major styles: modern and classic. However, you are not limited to just two of this trends. The classic style for example has a lot of subcategories, each one with their unique charm. Today, we are planning to teach you some tricks about the Victorian decorating style, originated from Queen Victoria, England. She had a strong influence on this style, because all her preferences in decorating are reflecting through this pattern. The excessive pieces of furniture and the multitude of collectibles are specific to Victorian decorating style, because they reflect wealth and high aspirations.

All the decorative elements within the dining room are supposed to make the owner feel proud of himself and his ability to make the other guests enjoy his possessions. Despite its old origins, Victorian decorating style is now respected and has a special place in the pyramid of interior design styles.

There are some elements we are going to focus on when talking about this home and garden design style. Furniture, windows, walls and accessories. The margins of the windows must be made of dark wood and should have a heavy look. The sofas and chairs in general should be covered with dark leathers, whereas the large tables should be placed high above the floor and the beds must be made of heavy wood.

The windows need to be make of stained glass and the draperies should be made of silk fabrics. They have to be heave and elegant and should represent the opulence of the owner. The richness of your draperies actually reflects your wealth and as a result you have to choose reds, browns or gold patterns for the fabric.

Elegance is also maintained through the walls in Victorian decorating style. Use medallions, crown moldings and rich colors like blue or gold. You can replace painting walls with wallpapers. These can have floral patterns, leaves and plants in general, as they are specific to the Victorian decorating style.

As far as the accessories are concerned, you have to use many of them. In order to show the Victorian style, you have to make sure there is an abundance of ferns, orchids and vases with flowers in every room of your house. Make sure you have enough pots and the plants are freshly-cut.

Add libraries filled with books and pictures with large frames on your walls. If you happen to have any animal symbols, put them on your walls as well. The pictures mentioned above can be inspired from your family life, maps and the symbols can be put into big glass cases. Be elegant and show your possessions to your all your guests and therefore you will obtain a Victorian decorating style.

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