Using Social Media to Promote Your Holiday Cottage and Increase Bookings

No matter if you’ve just launched your new holiday cottage or you’re just for additional marketing for the existing one, how and where to promote it better and get the maximum of bookings and exposure is a familiar predicament for many property owners. To successfully promote your business, you’ll need to learn and implement valuable social media marketing strategies and accentuate your holiday’s cottage’s best features and advantages and get those bookings high.

Without proper marketing, how do you generate interest, find potential customers, get reviews, and find avid wanderers to rent your holiday cottage? From writing appealing property descriptions, sharing eye-catching promotion videos and more abundant content, these are essential strategies every small business owner should stress. Being active on social media means that you can continuously engage with past, present, and potential guests efficiently.

 We believe as well, that posting high-quality content on your social media can be powerful enough to persuade and influence guests to make that decision to repeat holiday or book a new one. Since social media is a valuable tool for today’s businesses, we advise you to consider the following social media strategies to increase your holiday cottage’s exposure.

Understand Your Target Audience

The best way to learn how to promote your holiday property better is to think about who it is best suited to and who you would prefer to attract. Look around your cottage and firstly think about your target audience. You can use this opportunity to determine whether your holiday property meets the needs of those you want to attract. A great way to determine whether your cottage is excellent for romantic, gateways, family vacations, or pet friendly, is to take into consideration your property features and facilities. 

Think whether the experience and features you’re offering fully match your target audience. For example, hikers are more likely to bring a dog so they will look for pet-friendly properties, while couples will possibly look after unique features to impress the other half, such as a jacuzzi. Whilst it is highly essential to cater to your target audience is equally necessary to ensure your property is fully exposed and appeals to as many guests as possible.

Social Media to Verify Your Brand’s Identify

Selling the experience using social media must be a priority if you’re looking for a way to boost your revenue and bookings. How else could you sell a unique experience if not by sharing description content, videos, and photos? Sure, proper content and photos are crucial marketing strategies one should not underestimate, but most of the time, they prove to be insufficient for your type of business.

Your holiday rental website and social media page are essential, but it’s worth considering that both photos and promotion videos are effective in exposing your accommodation to its fullest potential. To make you evidence your cottage’s best features and get suitable content for your accommodation website and social media page hire a professional video production company that knows how to potent your business image in a non-sleazy manner. Remember, video marketing works best when there is an appealing visual element involved, and not all businesses are able to make excellent use of it, but it’s perfectly suited for your type of business. 

At the moment, proper content and proper social media combination is exactly what you need to skyrocket your cottage revenues and expose brand identity. Thus, using both Facebook business pages, Instagram and Twitters channels will help you reach your target audience in no time. For instance, Instagram is a constantly growing source for inquiries about holiday cottages, and those quests are more likely to book through Facebook, rather than using the website since it’s a much easier option for them. 

For instance, Middle Stone Farm, a business owned by a family in Somerset U.K, receives lots of booking directly from people who’ve found them on Facebook. They see this particular social media channel to be a relatively easy and accessible marketing tool for their needs.

Collect customer feedback to show you value their opinions

Social media has offered small entrepreneurs from everywhere excellent chances to connect with their audience, better understand their needs and complaints, and transform them into promising results. How can guests’ feedback help you improve your services? Well, when you first promote your holiday cottage, you already have an idea about your guest’s needs.

Don’t forget that customer feedback is either something you use to improve your service quality or something you let discourage you. Perceive customer feedback as something that offers you valuable insights into what is working well about your business and what you should do to make the experience worthy. Your guest opinions will help you measure customer satisfaction, ensure that the result will actually meet their expectations while responding to their feedback will show you value their opinions.  

It’s important to acknowledge that responding to both negative and positive comments will show them you are an attentive owner, and you won’t let anyone behind. 

Take notes and screenshots of why people had bad experiences and make consistent improvements to prevent your future guests from facing the same issues. Being attentive to people’s needs will honestly benefit your business overall. 

Using various social media social media channels with steady video, photo, and written content will prove an excellent way to lure new and repeat visitors into your website. For instance, repeat visitors also can bring unexpected benefits. Repeat bookers are known to cost far less than the costs of obtaining new guests, a reason why it’s essential to ensure your holiday cottage guests have the best possible experience. Positive experience means everything for holiday property owners. When someone has a positive and unforgettable experience at your property, they are more likely to return and even write a couple of positive reviews. Put simply, the faster and better you promote your business and answer guest needs, the more bookings you get. 


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