When hearing the word ribbon everybody automatically thinks about gifts and Christmas decorations. The number of ribbon options available on the market has risen so much that it would be a shame no to use them in other ways as well. You are able to find the most amazing types of ribbons, just by searching online, on websites such as http://colour-ribbons.co.uk/ . The question is in what other ways could you possible use ribbons.

Giving your clothes an exclusive touch

If you have your own personal sense of style, it can be a little frustrating to see someone on the street wearing the same dress or pair of pants as you. You can make your clothes stand out and be as original as possible, by personalizing them with ribbons. Either add a black and white doted ribbon to one of your sweaters or create a unique skirt from scratch with ribbons of different colours; you will be able to express your personality through your clothing options, just by using your creativity. Having one of a kind clothing items has never been this affordable.

Home decoration

Everybody gets bored with their interior design from time to time. Making a house redecoration can turn out to be costly, and also time consuming. If you do not have the time and money you need, you can improve the overall look of your home, giving your décor a twist by simply using ribbons. Your bathroom is probably the most neglected room of the house when it comes to decorations. You can make the area more animated by hanging long ribbons in different patterns on your bathroom’s window. The result will be unexpected and amazing. If you have old photo frames around the house, which you have not used in a while but you are not ready to throw away yet, give them a brand new vibe by wrapping them in ribbon. You will now be able to use them and create festive decorations for your living room or bedroom. To maintain the same festive vibe, you can use the same ribbon pattern to tie the curtains from your house. Decorating a place has certainly never been this fun. There are many options to choose from, such as decorating a flower pot or candle holders. You probably never thought about how versatile ribbons can be.

Garden decorations

Your garden can be the perfect recreational area, but when it comes to its appearance, you probably tend to neglect it. Just by using a few ribbons you can make your outdoor area a more colourful and vivid one. Hang some ribbons from a tree branch in the colour and pattern you like and give the space a bohemian vibe. You will enjoy spending more time outdoors. Change the ribbons each season to keep the atmosphere fresh. With Christmas coming up, you can opt for a thematic pattern and this way, you will give your garden a Christmassy feeling. Let your imagination run free and you will create some amazing decorations.

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