Useful and friendly guide to storing collectible items

Whether you are passionate about collecting precious items or you do not have an extensive collection because you are at the beginning of the journey but you still want to preserve the condition of your current antiques or collectibles, you should know that self-storage represents the most adequate solution. Generally, people choose to keep collectible items for two major and well-known reasons: they have great financial value or they hold immeasurable emotional value. Regardless of your reason, if you are not ready to sell, then your next step is to choose the best storage option for your cherished and unique collectibles. Nevertheless, you are probably aware that placing your precious items in a unit and forgetting about them for months will not preserve them in excellent shape. Some of them are extremely sensitive, which means that if you do not ensure proper care, their value will drop significantly. First, you should take into account renting a climate-controlled unit. Even more, experts recommend making this decision for the sake of your beautiful antiques and collectibles. 

Antique furniture

If you own pieces of antique furniture but you do not know their worth, you should not wait longer. The truth is that you could jump with joy or encounter a big disappointment when asking an expert to evaluate your items because everyone knows that some antiques have staggering value while others are worthless. Of course, you could never make the difference with an untrained eye. However, if you really think about it, you win in both situations because even though you do not own a treasure, you can still benefit from the functional and unique character of your antique furniture so it definitely deserves storing it. You have to be very careful when moving or transporting the furniture because even the slightest crack will drop its value and destroy its beautiful appearance. You can prevent the pieces of furniture form splitting and cracking if you apply a generous coat of furniture polish or wax. Take the furniture apart if necessary and use blankets for extra protection. Explore storage units near you and select a climate-controlled unit.

Coin collection

If you own unique coins and currency, you probably already took the time to gather information about their worth as well as how to maintain them in order to preserve and even increase their value. The reality is that people rarely come across very expensive coins and currency so if you fall into the category of lucky people, then you should really dedicate your full attention to ensuring the most adequate environment and conditions for your little treasures. Because they are made of metal (we exclude coins made entirely from gold), environmental factors will take a toll on the color and texture of your coins. The main causes of damage include humidity and acids, heat and cold, air pollution and improper handling. Copper and silver are the most common metals found in coins, but they also are the most reactive ones. You can observe this reaction better if you drop a coin in water. Acids represent another enemy that you have to keep in mind when storing coins and currency because they could come from places that you do not even expect, such as adhesives manufacturers use in packaging, household materials or wood furniture. Air pollution affects humans, but it also affects coins. Furthermore, if you want to prevent deterioration of your coins and currency, avoid touching them with your bare hands because you will damage the surface by leaving deposits of oils and acids.

Wine collection

“Wine gets better with age”, this represents a universally known truth, which means that in order to maintain the integrity of your tasteful collection you have to make sure that you store the bottles properly. Even though some people see wine as a common drink, according to specialists, wine undoubtedly comes under the collectibles category, especially taking into consideration that wine collections can possess greater value than a house. Of course, it depends on the type of wine because similar to the antique furniture case, certain wines can prove to be treasures while others just a big disappointment. Whether you consider yourself a wine connoisseur or a casual drinker, you have to know how to store this liquid in order to prolong its life. Wine storage does not require much science; you just need to keep in mind certain details. First, cool and dark places represent the most suitable environments for wine bottles. According to experts, the temperature you must ensure is around 55 degree F and the ideal humidity level is approximately 70%. In order to avoid drastic temperature changes, renting a climate-controlled storage unit becomes imperative because it will maintain the optimal conditions for your delicious and valuable wine collection. Apart from setting the right humidity and temperature, you also need to isolate the wine and protect it against vibrations as much as possible and remember, never place wine bottles upright.

Classic vehicles

Not many people have an impressive collection of classic vehicles, but some people do own a vintage car that instantly captivates the attention and is worth as much or even more than their house. If you fall into the second category, then you probably cherish that car more than any of your possessions. Of course, you also provide regular maintenance to preserve its condition and intend to ensure an ideal storage environment. Moreover, if you really care about your vintage car, then you will not find these requirements difficult or distressing. You have to be aware that classic vehicles are not always practical, which means that you cannot use them during the winter season. Instead, you have to invest in their storage. Nevertheless, you cannot simply drive your vehicle to the storage facility and leave it there. Prior to storing the car, you must fill the tank with quality gasoline and change the oil. Secondly, you have to prepare your car by washing and cleaning it thoroughly, both inside and outside. Remove the battery and store it in a climate-controlled unit. In addition, you should check the fluids attentively. 

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