Upgrading hotel premises – remodel and renovation tips

There are many aspects that can influence the success of a hotel, but the way it looks like, and the level of comfort it provides are on the top of the list. Considering that the aesthetics and practicality of hotel premises can degrade over the years, pursuing some improvements will be demanded from time to time. If you have decided that this is the right moment to upgrade your hotel and get a few remodels and renovations done, you might be a bit scared of the high demands this project will come with. Having some guidelines from the start can influence the outcomes of your project and will ease your stress as well. These are the key factors that need your focus:

Plan ahead

A complex remodel project can take quite a lot of time to complete, and you might not afford losing too many customers, just because the premises are closed for renovations. This is why you need to start planning this project with sufficient time in advance, and choose the right period for upgrading. Any extensive hotel remodel should be done off-season, and you will need to think about your property’s occupancy trends in order to establish what time of year would come with less profit loss during temporary business closure.

Set your goals straight

For the results to actually meet your expectations and raise up to impressive standards, you should have a clear picture of what needs to be done. Every single renovation has to be considered from the start, and for that to be possible, doing a full-scale survey is advised. Inspect the entire building with care, try to establish what you would like to see after the renovation is complete, and target the areas that demand improvement. Remembers that you will have a budget to stick to as well, so the more organized you are, the easier it will be to keep expenses as planned

Reassess your mechanical units and pursue the right replacements or upgrades

All of your attention might be drawn to making the place look nice, and adding a few comfort updates here and there, and you might tend to neglect the things that aren’t so easily spotted, but remain essential for proper building functionality. From damaged pumps, outdated roof fans to old cooling towers, the mechanical characteristics of the building should be reassessed, now that you are carrying out such a complex project and have the possibility of engaging in a few standard checkups. Sometimes, you might not even be aware of the fact that some basic pump repair services are needed, and when the damage becomes more serious, you are faced with costly repair demands. Hire a team of professionals who can thoroughly inspect all of your mechanical units, to make sure they are in proper condition or to conclude if replacements or repairs are needed. Handling this particular task on time can save you quite a lot of money in the long term, not to mention prevent you from dealing with inconveniences that might affect business.            

Choose durability

When you are picking out remodel materials, quality needs to be the first and most important characteristic to look for. Remodeling isn’t something you can afford doing that frequently, considering the wide range of implications it involves for such a large facility as a hotel, so the results ensured by your renovation need to be as durable as possible. Although materials of higher quality will naturally cost more, if you think long-term, making a bigger invest will actually be the financially wiser choice. Discuss with your contractor, and get things cleared out in this department from the start. From flooring, to paint and even refurbishing, analyze the quality of your choices with precise care and attention. It will be easier to keep your hotel in an optimal condition longer this way.

Consider a classic style

Whether it’s a piece of furniture you want to place in one of the rooms, a color shade for the dining hall or lighting fixtures for the entire building, you are recommended to go for a classic style. You can easily be tempted to follow the latest design trends that are circulating at the moment, considering some guests might be drawn in by a contemporary styled hotel, but you need to remember that trends come and go, and you won’t have the budget to keep upgrading to the next big “thing” in terms of aesthetics. Making classic choices will prevent you from dealing with a scenario where your hotel looks outdated, and you can’t afford making the necessary changes – losing thus clientele. A classic style will always out-live temporary trends, and there is a wide pole of accommodation seekers that prefer standard style. You need to think smart when you are making such choices.

Collaborate with the right project manager

Renovating a hotel isn’t something you can handle yourself. A project manager will make things far easier for you, leaving you with sufficient time to handle the other affairs running a property implies. However, you should remain involved throughout the entire remodel, just to make sure things are done according to your liking. Find a professional who values communication and whom you can trust with important decisions. With a good project manager by your side, things will go smoother, results will be optimal and fewer inconveniences will arise.

Running a hotel business can be quite challenging, and considering aesthetics and functionality matter so much in this domain, when you are pursuing a remodel project, you should know how to tackle this entire responsibility properly. Although there are numerous aspects that need to be discussed here, the factors mentioned in this article need to be addressed first. These tips will allow you to take the right steps on the matter, and obtain the most productive results out of the hotel upgrades you are targeting. Look over these pointers and use these suggestions to your advantage – they can make a significant difference.

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