Upgrade your home for winter with these amazing projects


With winter approaching, many homeowners are wondering what improvements would make their homes more comfortable and efficient during the cold months. Of course, the entire concept of comfort differs from person to person, but we were able to find some common ground, some improvements that may please the vast majority. Adding insulation, checking the heating system and installing a multi-fuel stove like the Stoves Harrogate may be the strongest projects that homeowners would be willing to put time and financial resources into. Keep close for more details and ideas.

1. Install a multi-fuel stove

Multi fuel stoves not only bring a more rustic air into a home, but they also come with a series of benefits many still choose to remain ignorant to.

  • It’s a calamity proof source of heating. In areas with unstable weather during the cold seasons, a power outage is something quite common. If you live in such areas, it would be advisable to invest in such sort of heat source, since it does not require electrical energy to function.
  • You decide on the type of fuel. In the case of multi fuel stoves, you can choose from a multitude of fuels. Choose the one that suits your necessities most. You can choose from wood logs, to gas, smokeless fuels and eco-friendly ones, it all depends on your personal preferences.
  • Fuel-efficiency. At least when it comes to solid fuels, these have a long interval of burning, interval in which the surrounding rooms will also heat up. Thus, if you need to cut down the energy expenses, multi-fuel stoves might be the answer to all your dilemmas. Also, environmental friendly solutions tend to have an even longer burning interval, while having a small carbon dioxide footprint.
  • Reduce condensation. Solid fuels seem to reduce condensation. The temperature rises gradually with these types of fuels. So, there is no sudden rise of drop of temperature for condensation to happen.
  • Improved ventilation capabilities. These stoves are placed in a fireplace, areas with increased ventilation capabilities. This way, polluted air will be pulled out of the property, while fresh air will be pulled into the property.
  • Reduce energy bills. Solid fuels can be found at fair and stable prices, and home owners can lay rest assured that their energy expenses won’t skyrocket during the cold months. Conventional heating sources won’t provide the same advantages.

2. Insulate your home

This may not be the most thrilling project proposed, it may not excite you, but it will also come with a series of advantages. It will lower considerably your energy bills since it will prevent heat exchange from happening, it will make your house eco-friendly, and it will increase the comfort levels which you and your family will experience. Also, considering the fact that spray foam insulation has amazing qualities when it comes to preventing mould from appearing, you will create a healthier living environment. Mould is guilty of a series of health issues, including severe allergies and asthma attacks. Make sure to install insulation in your floors, walls, attic and basement as well. Cold and dampness have incredible properties and can penetrate a home from the smallest un-insulated area.  

3. A frugal bathroom remodel

While you may lack the time and finances for a last-minute bathroom remodel, there are plenty of ideas for a frugal one. A remodel that can be completed during a weekend. Replace the old sink, the toilet bowl, the mirror, add better lighting and a new set of bathroom rugs. Some pots of fake plants will create a livelier space, while the larger mirror and proper lighting sources will create the illusion of a bigger room. Re-grouting the existing tiles is another great solution is you want to give your bathroom a fresher look. Try autumn colours, such as copper. They will bring part of the colourful outdoor environment, indoors.

4. Prep your floors for the winter

Adding a carpet or a stylish rug on your floors is a great idea. However, many choose to install in their floors heating systems. Floors oftentimes lose plenty of heat, so if you have laminated floors, you could replace those with hardwood ones since it is such a great insulator. In case you lack the financial resources, simply try to find some great rugs, some sheepskins, even fake ones. They succeed to maintain a comfortable floor temperature and they do a decent job at keeping your foot warm during the cold months.

5. Put your mudroom into order

Generally, mudrooms lack organization. But you can manage tidying up that particular area of your home quite easily with a smart organizer. Start by buying an organizer for your coats, an organizer that won’t damage due to water exposure. Available on the market are various designs of items manufactured from sturdy materials. Invest in those. Also rubber rugs are great if you want to prevent water from infiltrating into your hardwood floors. Consider investing in some shoe organizers and storage systems as well. Mudrooms can become messy only if you neglect these areas of your home. Invest in some extra storage products, since you will need some proper storage space for your umbrellas as well.

6. Light the way to your home

During fall and winter, days become shorter, nights become longer, and you need a properly lightened alley to your home. This will make outdoor tasks in the evening easier to handle and will provide a comfortable and safe feeling. Keep in mind that your children will most probably get out of the house in the evening as well, and you want to avoid unpleasant accidents when doing so.

These are six ways in which homeowners can improve the comfort levels in their homes while waiting for the cold months. Keep in mind that each of us can adapt these suggestions to our particular needs and preferences. However, certain pieces of advice, like investing in a woodstove, certainly help homeowners save money as well. So pick and choose a multi-fuel stove that will fit with your living room design!

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