Treasure hunting – tips on buying the right metal detector


Once you try treasure hunting, you will immediately become a metal detecting enthusiast. If you have had the opportunity to go metal hunting or your interest has been caught by the numerous TV shows focused on this activity, you have probably become fond of the idea of owning a metal detector yourself. Purchasing this type of item is essential if you want to experience treasure hunting, but because you have quite an impressive range of offers put at your disposal by today’s market, you will need to consider some relevant aspects before actually making a purchase, regardless if you end up buying from an online store or a physical one. Here are the tips that will help you decide on a metal detector that will not fail to meet your treasure hunting expectations:


The first thing you will need to do is set a budget. How much money can you afford or want to spend on this item? Based on your financial possibilities you can narrow down your choices. However, because it is a known fact that in most situations price revolves around the quality of a product, avoid going for the cheapest alternative you encounter, and instead opt for one with a good value for its price. If you do not have much experience, you can start with a more basic model and as you develop your skills, move on to a more expensive and advanced option.

Location of your treasure hunts

One important aspect to think about is the place where you will be metal detecting most often. Because certain detectors might not function so well in damp areas, such as beach, you should know in advance, where you will be using the device most, in order for its features to be adequate ones. Some metal detectors are also multi purpose while others can detect only a limited number of objects. Think about the places where you think you will mostly use the device, and what you are interested in detecting, and choose one that suits your particular requirements.

Ease of use

As a beginner, it will be a bit difficult for you to understand how this type of device works. Because some models come with a wide range of complex features, and maneuvering the detector might require experience, it is recommended, to buy a detector that is easy to use, at first. The faster you understand how to make the most out of the doctor’s features and how to maneuver it in a rapid and hassle-free manner, the better you will become at treasure hunting.

Weight and size

Once you become truly passionate about treasure, you will want to bring your equipment with you wherever you go, and that include when traveling abroad. However, if you opt for a big and heavy device, traveling with it can become an inconvenience. This about this aspect in advance, and if you know you will want to visit various locations around the country or perhaps travel abroad for treasure hunting purposes, go for a model that can be carried around without much effort, it will save you from complications.

Read reviews

Regardless of what model or brand are interested in, and what amazing features it might be advertised to have, you should never buy a metal detector before reading a few reviews written by experts. Because you probably do not that much expertise on the topic, and you can easily choose a detector that might sound good in theory but in reality is actually of poor quality, finding out what someone with more knowledge in this department has to say can make a big difference. What an informative website that posts metal detector reviews can do for you is let you find out if the option you are interested in has a good money value, if it comes with advanced features, if it is suitable for beginners or more skilled metal hunters, if it is easy to use and a few other relevant details. If you are not exactly familiar with metal detectors then resorting to the advice of someone who does will certainly be useful, and informative websites are the best place to discover accurate opinions.

If you have recently discovered your passion towards metal detecting, buying yourself a good device is the next step to take. However, the market offers such an extensive selection of options, varying in both price and performance that you will need a few guidelines in order to make a reliable purchase. These few considerations will help you spend your money on the best product for your needs, so make sure to keep each one of them in mind while you are trying to make a choice.

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