Have you ever wondered what the most wanted women watch is? It is hard to say though, which model suits best a woman, because the females are different in tastes and also, a new watch model is released every day. But don’t panic – the best brands that designed womens fashion watches made it to the end and nowadays, they are known as the famous top watches brands for women.

Starting with the highest brand, we are able to meet the Piaget. Set up back in 1874, it was later taken over by another member of the family in 1911. This company won its reputation in 1960, while developing the thinnest self-winding movement. Nowadays, you can get a Piaget watch with $4,000 up to $120,000, but the range is somewhere around $20,000.

Next on the list is the Omega Company. It has revealed an innovative watch which can be worn even on the Moon! Also, it was approved by NASA only for “extravehicular usage” and you can but it for a sum of $5,000 by any woman. Moving on to the next company, we meet the Cartier. Developed in 1847, the company has worldwide selling and the prices for the ladies’ “Tank” is somewhere between $13,000 and $30,000.

If you wish for something cheaper, the Movado Company is exactly what you are looking for! Having a record of more than 200 international awards, this company earned a high ranking position. Though, you can purchase one of their womens fashion watches for only $500!

Being the first company to be set up, the Rolex earned the highest rank with retail prices for ladies’ Rolexes beginning at $5,000. Not the least to be mentioned, the Timex Company is also one of the most recognized watch brands. They are also affordable for everyone, as their prices start with $20.

Being able to choose a watch that suits best your desires is one of the most important aspects a woman should take into consideration. Also, if you are looking for a gift for a woman, the best way to accomplish her desires is to fit its color. In this case, your gift will be more than appreciated by any woman alive, and also you will receive a lot of thanks, regarding your keen sense of observation. Though, any time you choose a watch like those mentioned upper you can not make a single mistake, as they never get old!

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