Top Summer Vacation Destinations You Should Start Looking Into Already

If you linger for the long summer days that are now long gone, you most certainly already anticipate your next summer vacation. If you dream about warm, remote islands and white sand beaches, if you want to relax with a fancy cocktail in your hand on a remote beach or even if you want a hiking trip, keep reading below to find out which are the best destinations you should look into for the summer of 2019.


If you search for a place from another world, Zanzibar should be it! With incredible beaches, with stunning white sand and electric blue water, the destination is at the top of the bucket list top for people from different social backgrounds, including those incredibly wealthy ones. The mythical Stone Town is an ancient establishment that was built to facilitate the trade between Europeans, Persians, Indians and Arabs. It’s part of the UNESCO World Heritage and the architecture style in which it is built certainly will make the delight of all visitors. With intricate gothic churches and mosques, the city is a marvellous blend of cultures and stunning nature. The hotel offer is also a generous one, even those incredibly affordable ones offering top-quality services and rooms.

Buenos Aires

They call this city the Paris of Argentina for a reason, this destination is simply overwhelming! Buenos Aires has tangoed its own way throughout history and architecture and is now one of the most impressive cities in the world. If you want to experience game-changing steaks and cups of freshly-roasted coffee, this is the place for you! Quirky galleries, bohemian shops, restaurants and bars, appealing fashion boutiques, these will all tickle all your senses. Plus, the crowd is a colourful and fun one and you can have lots of fun and enjoy new experiences. There are several low-cost flights that you can take from different corners of the world, so that’s how you will have some extra pocket money for those fancy cocktails you will be having in all those intricate locations. Accommodation-wise, you have plenty of options to navigate, so start your research early.


This is a great destination that has something to offer to anybody, regardless of their age. There are so many incredible things to do in Albufeira that the whole experience can become overwhelming at some point!

With all the things going on in this destination, it will be difficult to include all those things you want to do but you can easily navigate through a variety of options, from cave-visiting to simply relaxing on the many Blue Flag beaches, parasailing from Albufeira Marina and so on. The parasailing experience will certainly be a breath-taking, sometimes even paralysing one, even for the bravest ones out there. But you can get a stunning view of the entire region and you can navigate through a wide selection of top-quality boats targeted at this very specific activity.

If you’re visiting this destination with a larger group, make sure to include reef fishing on your to-do list. Because the fishing spots are generous, you can have your well-deserved relaxation time while keeping your children at bay on a fishing boat’s safety.

Of course, you can’t pride yourself on visiting this touristic hot-spot if you don’t try at least one Algarve horse riding trip. It’s worth every little penny and you will certainly have a great time in the company of the locals.

French Polynesia

If you want to escape the crowd when visiting this fun and heavenly destination, try to book a room in May or June. July and August are by far the busiest months in this destination. Plus, there are less heavy rains during that time. However, what you should expect there are an endless blue lagoon and heart-warming peace. The locals might say about this destination that it is a boring one, but if you’re in for some relaxation, don’t hesitate to give this travel gem a shot. Plus, you can always visit the pearl farms in Taha’a.


The Balkan gems are worth every penny. Although you will find incredibly affordable accommodation and restaurants, as well as other entertainment means, you still have to try the unexplored wonders of the Alban Riviera. This amazing country still remains off-radar for the vast majority of the tourists out there and you can enjoy quite of a varied landform. From the unspoiled Albanian Alps to the spotless beaches, everything is mystical and mesmerizing. The jolly and entertaining locals will certainly help you find your way around and you can find accommodation even in some of their homes. They’re quite of a welcoming nation!


What summer vacation destination top would be complete without Lisbon? There is no downside anybody can find when it comes to visiting Lisbon. The terraces, the climbing hills, the taverns and bars, sensational seafood restaurants and cocktail bars, these will certainly make your heart tremble with joy and amazement. The nearby ocean will be waiting for you and your cocktails, day or night while enjoying some extraordinary weather and a well-deserved break from your daily concerns and matters. You will still have to deal with the masses. However, you can still find a secluded tapas or cocktail bar if you prefer your peace of mind a minute of silence. Book your accommodation in advance and you will certainly enjoy some great rates.


Of course, this is a cliché destination, already, but you just can’t miss this hot touristic spot. While the weather is a tad too hot during the summer, try to visit it at the end of August or beginning of September and you also tackle that hard task of avoiding the crowds. The sea is warmer, the skies are blue, the sand still warm and the evenings will call for an extra thin layer of clothing. You have everything you need for quite of a unique experience, from taverns and terraces to unique bars and restaurants and of course, the breath-taking view and architecture.

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