Top Rated Refrigerator Reviews 2015

Buying a new refrigerator is a difficult choice, given that this appliance must work all the time and it has the important chore to keep your food and beverages fresh and cold even on the hottest days. To make sure you make the best decision, check out these reviews of the top rated refrigerators 2015 and find the best refrigerator for your house.

Beko DBKEN386WD+

According to countless reviews of top rated refrigerators 2015, this model seems to be one of the best choices for anyone looking for a new fridge. Beko has accustomed their clients with quality products, and this refrigerator incorporates all the skills and technology available at the manufacturer. The 361 l unit features a large display which brings it a great addition to the design, a No Frost function, an antibacterial system for the door handle and sealing gasket, a voice recorder, Blue Light vegetable box and a Multiflow System technology that evenly distributes the temperature and humidity. The interior includes a bottle holder, an egg holder and an ice tray.

Bosch KGE49BI40

First of all, Bosch suggests a reliable manufacturer, and the Bosch KGE49BI40 is a trustful and efficient refrigerator with a total net volume of 413 l divided into 112 l for the freezer and 301 l for the refrigerator and A +++ energy class with175 kWh energy consumption / year. So far nothing spectacular, but once you get to the technology inside the refrigerator, the spectacular things can begin: the ChillerBox is a compartment with a lower temperature than the rest of the refrigerator that keeps the meat products longer, the CrisperBox is a special place for fruits and vegetables, with controlled humidity that maintains them fresh longer, the low power consumption technology makes this refrigerator very economic, the AirFreshFilter with activated carbon cartridges provides clean and fresh water, the fridge has an autonomy of 44 hours without power, the noise level is only 34dB and the interior lighting is LED. The design is also very pleasant, made of modern, elegant and high-quality materials.

Electrolux EN3611OOX

Electrolux is another very good appliance manufacturer and the EN3611OOX Electrolux refrigerator is a top product. It has a volume of 337 l, 111 l of the freezer and the refrigerator handles the remaining 226 l. Unlike other models, it has a lower price, but that is largely due to the fact that the volume is also smaller over competitors. However, the most top specifications are found in this model, such as A +++ energy consumption, LED interior lighting, compact storage space for bottles, a noise level of 40dB, anti-fingerprint stainless steel design, reversible doors and automatic defrosting refrigerator. If you want a quality refrigerator but do not want to pay a lot of money, Electrolux EN3611OOX may be the ideal solution; but you must take into account the volume of only 337 l, because if you have a large family it might be too small for all your food.

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