Top Halloween Costumes for Couples

Halloween is the perfect opportunity for a couple to define their relationship, whether it is romantic or friendly. It makes it possible for you to be the center of attention at a costume party. This is a classic costume party theme and the costumes you both pick must be chosen carefully, paying attention to what suits you and your partner. However, finding a disguise for couples is not an easy task! Therefore, we’ve gathered for you today the top Halloween costumes for couples.

Elvis King and Queen of Rock&Roll

On Halloween night, get into the skin of your idol and become the rock star you’ve always wanted to be! This costume for couples Elvis Presley will allow you to play as “the King” and interpret his greatest hits. The Elvis Presley costume for men consists of jacket and black faux leather pants. The Elvis Presley costume for women consists in a sexy black jumpsuit decorated with rhinestones of all colors, a matching belt and the little black cape lined with gold fabric.

Christmas elves

At the Christmas village, also known as Santa Claus home, it’s a bit of panic in recent times and there’s a lot of work that has to be done before December 25 comes! You have to read the children’s mail, make toys, check Santa’s sleigh, feed the reindeers, etc. All in all, all this work should not stop the holiday magic from happening this year! Christmas elf costume for women consists of a red and green dress with some golden details, a black belt and a green hat with a bell. Christmas elf costume for man is all about dressing up in red and green with green matching pants, a wide black belt and the green hat.

Ghost pirates

You can form a ghost pirates duo just to lay hands on the royal ship, its crew and its treasure. You now proudly raise the black flag, and will be able to conquer the waves and brave the winds as a ghost pirate couple. The costume for women consists of a vintage gray dress, a vest, an eye patch and the hat with a large feather. The living dead buccaneer costume includes a black T-shirt with a jacket and belt and trousers with knee high boots. This affordable and fun costume is great for Halloween!

Dead bride&groom

This is a great way to celebrate your wedding on October 31 in an innovative manner. Your guests, who can dress as gruesome creatures are nothing compared to the priest who will unite you, for better or for worse, until death do you part. The Gothic wedding costume consists of a long purple dress with a sinister pallor, the bustier is decorated with a pretty lace, matching the bridal veil and don’t forget about the bouquet. The groom costume includes a long dark blue velvet jacket with a fake imitation flower, a shirt with tie, striped pants and the hat.

Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter

If it’s time for a costume party or carnival, enter the delusional world created by Lewis Carroll wearing this costume for couples. The costume of Alice in Wonderland consists of a mid-length blue dress, a white little apron, knee high socks and a black headband. The Mad Hatter costume includes the multicolored tail coat jacket, a pair of green pants, a bow tie and of course the matching top hat. This is a perfect disguise for couples, very cheap and completely crazy for a trip to Wonderland!

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