Everyone wants to protect their families and their homes, so installing a home security system is the best solution if you want to avoid any incidents. Among the best advantages of having a home security system is that it notifies you about the things that happen inside the house while you are gone, including eventual fires, floods, natural gas and so on. Moreover, such a system is able to tell you when the children return from school or when there’s someone at your door. Therefore, if you want to install a home security system to be sure that your home is more secure while you’re away, read the article below. Here you will find out which are the best 3 home security systems from 2016.

Frontpoint Home Security System

This security system is one of the best if you want to monitor your entire home in the most effective way and can also be found among the top picks of HomeSecurity.best, a reviews website that analyzes the best-rated companies and ranks them according to their reliability, efficiency, and affordability. The Frontpoint security system has three levels of monitoring: Protection, Interactive and Ultimate and every one of them provide professional surveillance. Due to the fact that the cellular connection needs only low-frequency wireless signals in order to connect to the monitoring station, makes this system able to work in places with poor signal. The GE Simon XT control panel used by Frontpoint is able to communicate with almost 39 sensors in the wireless monitoring system which are also pet resistant. Also, the system is very easy to install and the battery can last up to five years. The basic monthly fee for monitoring your home is $34.99 and it monitors the house for intruders, floods, fire, and carbon monoxide.

Protect America Home Security System

Protect America is another great alternative for all those who want the best security for their homes. Although the basic package provides only perimeter protection against intrusion, you can easily customize it with additional alerts. These alerts have specialized sensors for fire, smoke, carbon monoxide, flood, power failure, and many others. Also, the system is compatible with a large number of door, window or glass break sensors. The security cameras can be acceded by using the mobile app, but only after a prior addition of this service to your agreement. The monthly cost for installing Protect America security system starts from $19.99, but the price can be more expensive if you add optional services.

LiveWatch Home Security System

Since every family has different protection priorities, LiveWatch gives the users the possibility to customize their home security system by opting for the sensors they consider necessary for their safety. Also, one of the greatest things about this home security system is that LiveWatch has recently introduced the ASAPer service, which is an advanced alert feature that sends alerts to a preset contact list. Therefore, whenever there’s an alert in your house, the ASAPer service contacts the entire list until someone answers. The basic LiveWatch gives you the possibility to receive alerts from door and window sensors, smoke detectors and it can also protect you from burglary or fire. This package costs $9.95 and for additional alerts you have to upgrade the system, meaning that you have to pay a little bit more.

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