TomTom GPS for iPad

A new application was updated and optimized for your iPad, TomTom GPS for iPad. With the latest up-to-date map, TomTom GPS app offers a lot of benefits. You can see all the maps on your 10″ iPad display that are available for driving navigation. The update of this iPad app is a good thing for those who own a 3G device version.

One of the characteristics of TomTom GPS app is that you can use a kit to connect your iPad to your car console. Also, another good feature is that you can connect your iPad through an iPhone for GPS sharing and other iOS devices.

The engineers from TomTom say that TomTom GPS gives you the best performance on the display of your iPad compared to the performance you will get on the small display of an iPhone 4. That is because this iPad application uses a full-screen iPad display which shows the images of the Advance Line Guidance and the driving view. Also, TomTom allows you to choose in-App connected services to transfer your subscriptions without difficulty.

TomTom GPS app is unfailing with its latest up-to-date map since roads are always changing. This application gathers current speed information from users to estimate the precise travel time and takes into consideration rush hour or traffic lights. Another advantage is that this app detects the locations of speed cameras, so you can enjoy your travel. Moreover, you can enjoy day-to-day updates from users and you can update your map for free.

This updated iPad application is the fastest way in traffic, because offers you the precise traffic info and has great distances coverage. To make your drive experience easier and safer, this app is available with spoken instructions and also comes with 3D representations with guidance options, which helps you choose the right way in traffic. In addition, you can find locals with Google with just a tap in local Google listings.

With TomTom GPS for iPad you can switch between route types and choose a more fuel-efficient route. Also, this application is able to automatically change the day and night mode by setting the brightness of your iPad display. This updated app makes you enjoy TomTom navigation in an easier way.

TomTom GPS for iPad is faster and easier to use and its advantages are great for those who own an iPad. If you want to have a safe and quick route, you can by for yourself this TomTom app from the app store for $59.99.

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