Tips for Organizing a Basketball Tournament

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in America. From little leagues to professional championships, basketball games gather countless people on site and in front of the TV. However, the success of a basketball tournament does not depend on the game itself, but on its organization. Whether you are planning a college basketball tournament, or a friendly competition between certain businesses, you must put together a planning schedule and stick to it no matter what.

It is essential to start planning in advance in order for the tournament to be successful. Ideally, you should put together a committee and make sure everyone knows their tasks. The committee should be comprised of a Chairman, a Treasurer, an Advertiser, a Schedule Manager, a Facility Manager, a Hospitality Manager, an Equipment Manager and a Technical Manager. The chairman oversees the entire planning process and makes sure each member of the committee handles their tasks on schedule. The treasurer handles the budget, the Advertiser promotes the event, the Schedule manager will promote the event schedule and the results, the Facility Manager reserves the gym and handles other facility needs, the Hospitality Manager deals with the caterers and puts together a canteen, the Equipment manager handles all equipment needs and the Technical manager supervises the scoreboard and the scoring table, and talks with the referees.

2 Months Before

  • reserve a gymnasium (make sure it is equipped with everything you need, and if not, find ways of renting the needed equipment. Many people forget about the scorer table, which can be a great source of advertising revenue. Look for a quality digital score table that will allow you to monitor the advertisements)
  • prepare a budget (the treasurer should prepare the budget but they need to constantly communicate with all committee members to make budget modifications when needed)
  • prepare an equipment list : 2 game balls, scoresheets, scoreclock, score table, 2 team benches
  • reserve a referee
  • start registration process
  • start promoting the event
  • establish the tournament format (4 teams, 8 teams or more)
  • order awards
  • start contacting sponsors
  • contact and reserve first-aid staff

1 Month Before

  • complete the registration process
  • design and print advertising material and admission tickets
  • secure the equipment and check its condition (don’t forget to test the digital equipment as well, such as the digital scoring table or the projectors)
  • finish the schedule and make sure you have some teams on a waiting list to handle last minute cancellations

2 Weeks Before

  • Send tournament details to all teams
  • Send the tournament schedule to the Referees
  • Secure the awards and all sponsor products
  • Release tournament details to the media and make sure they will follow up with result reports

1 Week Before

  • Check the equipment one last time
  • Make sure the canteen is well stocked

These are the basic tasks that you need to take care of for organizing a basketball tournament. Communication between committee members is essential for the success of the event. For example, once the Advertiser secures some advertising schedules, he needs to talk with the treasurer to update him of the new generated budget. Afterwards the Advertiser will have to talk with the Equipment manager to provide him with the advertising material that needs to be displayed on the scoring table. In turn, the Equipment manager will talk with the Technical manager who will handle the scorer table during the event. It is the Chairman’s duty to make sure that all committee members communicate effectively and handle their tasks on time.