Weather is a frequent topic of discussion, especially when people live in different cities or countries. Therefore, this iPad application called The Weather Channel is really helpful for those who want to know about the weather where they live or where their friends live. Updated a few days ago, this application received new elements which are really nice, like the animation features.

You will like the new features of this updated app, especially the wonderful animated weather background. The new HD weather photos and the interactive spinning globe for the weather around the world are other features that come with the new update and are great. Another great thing is that if you choose a location you will be warned about how extreme the weather conditions are there. With the Weather Channel you will enjoy having information about the weather in your region or in other parts of the globe in order to help you to plan your activities.

Here are all the new features available for this app:

  • Animated backgrounds with your local weather, for iPad2 tablets;
  • Interactive spinning globe with the weather all around the globe;
  • Gorgeous HD weather photos as backgrounds;
  • Full screen weather maps, which you can customize;
  • Map with in-motion radar;
  • Warnings for severe weather in your selected area;
  • Most recent news coverage, expert tweets and user photos;
  • Storm images and breaking news video;
  • Compatibility with iOS 5.

This new update makes the most recent expert tweets, news coverage and photos shared by other people available to users. Also, this Weather Channel app provides push alerts for bad weather at selected areas and sends storm images and videos at your request.

Besides, you can follow this app news on The Weather Channel Twitter where updates about the weather are offered by Jim Cantori and other meteorologists. Also, you can find out news from their current headlines. In addition, this updated Weather Channel application for iPad has now integrated email, Twitter, Facebook and the capability to upload videos and iWitness photos taken with your iPad right from the scene.

This Weather Channel iPad application can be downloaded from the app store and if you are looking for it, you should know that is available for free.

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