We all need to keep focused and up-dates to the weather conditions, mainly because of the global warming and all the unexpected phenomena that occur in our cities. Nobody likes to answer to our questions based on the weather’s condition and this is why some experts have already thought of solving this problem. Weather Channel has now come into our lives to make them easier.

Its features are lovely and its functions are really useful. You will not only be informed about the weather in your city, but also about the weather in your whole area of interest. That way, you can, for example, make wedding plans and be aware of the weather conditions for the special day you’ve chosen.The Weather Channel includes a range of features, among which there are the following ones: beautiful backgrounds depending to the good or the bad news you are offered, photos with the weather you are about to experience in an HD format, the whole world globe that spins around as you look for your city. As you can see, this mobile application uses certain features of the latest technology to help you be more efficient in your research.

You are also being offered some maps with a big resolution and a radar map that keeps on moving. Feel free to benefit from the expert tweets and footage with the storm and alerts that highlight the difficult weather conditions you are about to experience. Weather Channel is compatible to iOS 5, so it may help you a lot!

You are given almost everything you need to understand the information you are being offered and the level of risk you may be faced with in the following days. Take advantage of this fact and do not forget about this option! It can help you when you least expect it to happen and you will no longer be taken by surprise because of the stubborn weather from your country!

There is option included that allows you to be permanently informed and if you already have a Facebook or Twitter account, you can post the weather forecasts online and share them with your friends. You can comment and like the pieces of news you are being offered and you can ask your friends to do the same thing. They can be warned in an easier way and in a faster way!

These people already thought of integrating an e-mail option and allowing you to gain access to the iWitness photos, videos and all the materials you might be interested in. I am sure you already understood why this iPad application is a must-have, so go to the app store and take it for free!

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