The Top 5 Attractions in Cancun

Cancun, Mexico, is a popular vacation destination throughout the year. While it is best-known for its beautiful beaches and its lively nightlife scene, there are a number of attractions that you can check out during your vacation. Here are the top five attractions you will want to check out when you are visiting Cancun:

Chichen Itza
Vacationers who are interested in learning about the history of the area will not want to miss a tour around Chichen Itza, the Mayan archeological site. The site includes a number of stone structures, temples and pyramids to explore. One of the most recognizable parts of the site is the Temple of Kukulkan (El Castillo), which served as a very important part of Mayan astronomy. Private and group day trips are available to those staying in Cancun. If you stay until after sunset, you can take in the Chichen Itza light show.

Playa Tortugas
During the spring and summer months, many of Cancun’s beaches can get loud and crowded. One spot that is popular with the local population is Playa Tortugas. It is known for its beautiful view and is typically less crowded than some of the other beaches around the area. This beach is also good for those traveling with small children because the water is still and shallow. Playa Tortugas features a number of amenities for visitors, including restaurants, bars and open cafes where you can enjoy local cuisine.

Interactive Aquarium
Vacationers who want to experience an adventure with sea life will want to visit the Interactive Aquarium. This attraction provides visitors plenty of opportunities to learn about and interact with sea creatures. You can swim with dolphins and sea lions, touch a number of sea creatures, or even get into a cage to feed a shark.

Pok-Ta-Pok Golf Club

If you are looking to get in a round or two of golf during your vacation, one of the most scenic courses in the area is located at the Pok-Ta-Pok Golf Club. As one of the oldest and most popular courses in Cancun, it features beautiful views of the Caribbean. Here, you can play a full 18 holes that are arranged over a number of small islands in the Nichupte Lagoon. The course caters to both beginners and more advanced players.

Coco Bongo
If you are looking for a fun nightlife experience in Cancun, you will not want to miss a night at Coco Bongo. This nightclub features a variety of entertainment acts that can include dancing, singing, acrobatics and more. You may also experience foam, fog and confetti drops while dancing the night away. Drinks are included with the admission price, and VIP services are available.

Cancun is a fun place where you enjoy a vacation with friends or family. There are a variety of activities to do in Cancun whether you are looking for a quiet getaway or an activity-filled vacation adventure. You can find more information on this destination and other destinations at Royal Holiday to make your next vacation a memorable one.

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