The most important features of Minecraft server hosting

When the creators of Minecraft released the game, they probably had no idea how popular their idea would become. What started out as a fun way of remembering retro games turned into a massive gaming phenomenon among people of all ages. Whether it’s because they like the retro feel of the game, the survival mode, the endless world building possibilities or the fun of the open-world, gamers don’t seem to have enough of Minecraft. Actually, they are so into the game that they have taken it to the next level and even decided to buy their own servers to play Minecraft. Through Minecraft server hosting from websites like, gamers can play Minecraft online, invite other players that share the same objectives and, in general, have more control over the entire gaming experience. Without a doubt, Minecraft server hosting isn’t the topic that casual gamers will be interested in. On the contrary, it’s something for those who live and breathe video games and want to turn them into a true lifestyle. If you want to get your own Minecraft server hosting, here are the main features that you should be looking for.

Speed is the first and most important feature. To get speed, you have to work with dedicated hosting companies that use state of the art computers using technologies such as SATA or SSD, If you’ve ever played games in the 90s, you probably know just how annoying it can be to enjoy a game when you have lag. When you invite a lot of people to play Minecraft, you have to make sure that all of them have a pleasant gaming experience and that it’s not made worse by connectivity problems. For example, if you plan to invite hundreds of players to help you build a new custom world, the server should be able to support that. Furthermore, the server hosting plan should be scalable. More specifically, if you have low requirements and want to play Minecraft with just a few people, you should be able to find something more affordable, but if you have higher aspirations or if your small server becomes popular, it should be able upgrade and get a server that can accept new players without going down.


In addition, you have to talk security with your hosting provider. Unless the servers are protected with DDoS, you risk losing not only your games, but also your personal details. The Internet can be a terrifying place, so double check that your Minecraft server hosting provider is a reliable one and that they can guarantee the utmost protection and maximum uptime guarantee. It might be tempting to go for the most affordable option, but try to focus on quality, otherwise you might discover that your Minecraft gaming experience is seriously affected. Last, but not least, never neglect customer support. Truth be told, even the biggest servers can experience technical problems without the provider being responsible. So, realistically speaking, you shouldn’t be looking for a server that never has any problems, but for a company that can give you quality customer support when problems appear.

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