The ins and outs of SIM only deals

The majority of people nowadays go with a mobile plan that involves a 24 month commitment and of course, a new smartphone. However, once you sign a contract of this kind, the responsibility Ou will be taking is not exactly a convenient one, so perhaps it is time to look for an alternative, one that provides you with more benefits. If you are one of the many people who prefers paying less on their monthly tariff, are not queen to get a hold of the latest smartphone available, and a long contract commitment is not exactly appealing, perhaps you should know that there are other options for you out there. SIM only deals have increased in popularity lately, allowing you to no longer invest in an expensive mobile plan, and switch to something more accessible. If you do not know much on the topic, gaining a few insights will be useful, and after reading the following aspects, you will most certainly become more interested in this possibility

What does a SIM only deal mean?

First, you should understand what a SIM only deal means. Well, in comparison with regular mobile contracts, this alternative means – just like the title suggests – you will be receiving only a SIM card, without the smartphone. You will have the possibility to keep your current phone, and the contract can be resumed at any given time, depending on your preferences, without needing to continue it for a predetermined period, as the usual phone contracts require.

Why choose this type of mobile contract?

  • Flexibility

The first reason why you should give this contract option more of your thought is the flexibility it comes with. You can go with a 12 month plan, a month to month plan, or any other offer that you think will work best for you, the options being quite versatile. You will not have to commit to a period of time longer that you think you would actually need. There are SIM card providers out there, such as 3G, that offer you monthly payment, pay as you go or data rewards SIM options, so it is up to you to decide which choice suits your needs best – you don’t have to commit for more than you actually want, which is certainly great

  • Affordability

Affordability is certainly an important consideration when you are searching for your next mobile contract plan. Well, after reading a few things on SIM only deals, you will conclude, that in terms of money, this is probably the cheapest offer you will come across. You can get your SIM for even as little as 9 pounds a month, while benefiting unlimited texts and minutes, as well as a few GB of data. The prices are so low because you will no longer be paying for mobile phone fees, considering the fact that you have chosen to keep your current smartphone, and not replace it through a new mobile plan. You can get the same amount of minutes and data are currently receiving, at a far cheaper price, just by switching to a SIM only deal.

  • Network benefits

With a maximum of 18 pounds per month, for example, you can get even 30 GB of network data, which is more than you could normally get on a traditional contract phone for that amount.  Depending on the vendor and plan you go with, you can acquire even international network benefits, alongside with amazing 4G speed and other perks. If you usually spend a lot of time on the internet on your phone, you will certainly enjoy the network freedom that will come with your new SIM only deal.

  • Convenience

Convenience is another aspect that strengthens the popularity of this mobile plan. All your minutes, data, and texts are always ready to be used whenever you need them, and getting a lot more for your money is a guarantee. Also, you will not have to worry that by using more internet data than your contract includes will lead to extra costs, because when you run out of data, you will simply not be able to connect to the internet anymore, so unexpected costs are not a problem.  

  • No number change needed

One misconception mobile users usually have is that by changing their current phone contract with a  SIM only deal, they will have to replace their number as well, but that’s not a true fact. If you select the right provider, you have the possibility of retaining your existing number. All you have to do is contact your current network, and request a Port Authorisation Code. After you receive your newly purchased SIM, contact your new network provider, give them your PAC, your existing number and your temporary SIM number and they will easily handle the process. This will be an easy and hassle-free task, so you should have any worries in this department.

Where can you find the best option?

Now that you have understood what this alternative can do for you, the next step is to search for the right vendor. There are many websites that provide you with various essential plans, one of them being 3G, so in order to select the perfect one for your needs, doing some research will be necessary. Search on the internet for more information on the topic, and if you can find some opinions or recommendation for other mobile users, making a choice might be easier. You can order easily order your new SIM online. Remember that the deals vary in terms of both monthly price and perks included, so choose an offer that suits your budget, but also provides you with enough minute, texts and network data.

SIM online deals have become quite a popular option among mobile users, and now that you know all the advantages they bring, you can clearly understand why. It’s cheaper, it’s more convenient, it’s flexible, and you don’t even have to change your number to take advantage of this type of offer. So why think about it any longer, and why not just go for it? Just by searching on the internet, you will come across a vendor that can put at you’re the best SIM only purchase opportunity.

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