The complete list of things you can sell in drop shipping


The drop shipping industry has boomed in the past couple of years as more and more business people understood the great advantages it brings. For those who are not familiar with this term, drop shipping occurs when products are purchased by customers and shipped to them directly from the wholesaler, manufacturer or any other type of seller, and the buyer does not have to go to a retail store to pick the product up. Many people saw great opportunity in this and started their own businesses by selling wholesale sunglasses, clothes and many other types of products people usually purchase online. Here is a complete list of the types of products that can be sold in drop shipping.



There will always be demand for clothing and this is one of the reasons why it is such a great product to sell in drop shipping. Some people may purchase only one clothing item, others will want to purchase an entire wardrobe either for them or for their loved ones. The secret to succeed in this industry is to provide customers with top quality products and good experience. One secure targeted group is families with children. If parents are pleased with the services and products you provided them with, it is for sure that they will return to you and buy even more clothes for their little ones every year. The Dropship Strategy claims that probably the greatest advantage of selling clothes via this type of shipping is that the seller does not have to physically possess or store the clothing, handle it or fold it.


Just like in the case of clothing, accessories will always be in high demand. Whether you decide to sell sunglasses, jewelleries, scarves, or hats for instance, you will definitely succeed if you have great quality service. The benefit of selling accessories, as far as sellers such as Oberlo are concerned, is that these items change by the season and year. Buyers may be interested in a specific type of hats this winter, but the same hats will not be in trend the following winter as well. However, through drop shipping the seller can secure repeat business. There is no need to spend time handling any of the merchandise, sorting orders or shipping them. All you have to do in drop shipping is to focus on increasing the number of sales.

Beauty products

People will always need perfumes, creams and other types of beauty products, so they make for a great drop shipping business. In most cases, all customers want is fast delivery, so if you satisfy their needs, there are high chances they will return to you and order more beauty products at some point in the future. It is essential to develop good relationship with customers and through drop shipping this has never been easier.

Computer accessories

From all technological advances available at your fingertips today, one of the most used devices remains the computer. Computers change a lot by the month, yet people do not have enough money to purchase a new computer every month, so they resort to buying separate pieces and computer accessories in order to upgrade the ones the already have. This should be seen as a great business opportunity too, especially in drop shipping industry. The Dropship Strategy claims that computer accessories are among the top three products sold via drop shipping.


It doesn’t matter how many toys a child has. There is always room for some new toys. This is what business people think of and this is the best reason why toys make for such great products to be sold in drop shipping. This instantly leads to repeat business for sellers. Drop shipping is considered a very convenient method, because the products are shipped directly from the manufacturer and in most cases toys are brand new.  


People from all over the world buy millions or billions of books online every day, so these products also qualify for drop shipping transactions. By using this method, the seller is able to sell a wide range of books from a variety of publishers, which is seen like a godsend by buyers.

Music and movies

Besides books, people also buy a lot of movies, video games and music, so these items too can be profitable in drop shipping transactions. People can opt for buying the latest video games via drop shipping in order to avoid those interminable lines in physical stores and to avoid those situations in which their favourite music albums are sold out in stores.


Most people may think that drop shipping is only used for small objects such as the ones mentioned above – books, clothes, accessories, toys and so on, but they just couldn’t be any further from the truth. You can sell even furniture via this shipping method. Even though it is bulky and heavy, buyers benefit from great advantages if they opt for buying furniture via drop shipping and one of them is that extra delivery fees are eliminated.


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