The Best Men’s Sport Watches

Sports watches are an essential part of casual mens fashion. They are versatile, easy to match and very stylish.Have you ever wondered which the best men’s sport watch is? If the answer is yes, then you will be able to find out which it is. As we all know, the most important accessory for an active man is the watch. In this case, any active man would be able to chronometer its time when swimming, running, cycling or making and other activity. Though, its main propriety must be quality.

Making a list of watches’ names, we may start with the Timex Ironman. Being one of the first watches ever made, the Timex has a simple design, but many features. Here we can mention its design, memory, Indigo Night Light, Chronograph, lap counters (perfect for active men) and also, a water-resistant face for any swimmer. Besides its many features, we can add that its price is somewhere less than $100! Next on the list is the Rolex Submariner. Being one of the first dive watches ever made, it is a luxury accessory water resistant up to 1,000 feet. In this case, it has set a standard which is higher than in any other of its category. Also, the sapphire crystal face contributes to its high name, being scratch-resistant and having a durable stainless steel band. If it is being taking care of, a Rolex Submarine could be used by your grand-grand children too! This is definitely the type of watch that would match any casual mens fashion outfit.

Moving on among the list, we are able to find the Breitling Superocean too! It is a large and heavy sport watch, used in water sports due to its durability. In this case, it is mainly found at divers and swimmers. The Superocean gets its reputation thanks to its water-resistance, which is up to 5,000 feet. Also, it appearance is more than charming, as it has a sapphire crystal face and a polished band made of steel.

The last but not the least on the list is the Tag Heuer Chronograph. It is a high-performance watch which has a stainless steel. While having a dial in bright colors, it will not be a single problem for you to quickly read the time. Also, it has incorporated titanium, so it is durable and also, a scratch-resistant crystal face with sapphire. Not being as resistant as the previous watches, the Heuer is up to 660 feet and it is ready to be worn while running, cycling, racing or bicycling! Have you dress appropriately for your first run with the Heuer watch?

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