Chinese medicine is very different from Western medicine; to begin with, it has its roots in tradition and history, and it benefits from 3,500 years of experience and experiment. While it may not have the mathematical accuracy of the medicine we’re used to, Chinese medicine is based on knowledge and wisdom alike. The main philosophy of this medicine is that the body is dynamic, interacting with the external world and being influenced by it. A great number of ailments and illnesses can be successfully treated through its methods; it is not efficient against strong diseases like cancer, or when surgery is needed, but other things, it cures better than our science. In fact, western massage therapy Ottawa specialists rely on this ancient knowledge when healing injuries of all types as for instance sports, work related and accident injuries. Physiotherapy is based on scientific research, but it combines modern medicine with the massage practices that have been passed down from generation to generation since ancient times.

This is because in Chinese medicine, the communion of man and nature is much better understood, and this is a kind of philosophy and thinking that went on for thousands of years. By keeping their traditions, the Chinese managed to maintain from perdition an ancient art, that of curing people with mostly non-invasive treatments, by employing what nature generously offers. Taking a leaf out of that book, western physiotherapists that offer massage therapy Ottawa services try to makes their treatments as unobtrusive as possible, helping patients cure their injuries without surgical interventions.

The methods are multiple and of a large variety, and they mostly involve the utilizing of herbs, therapies and other prescriptions for the treatment and curing of various ailments. In fact, in latter years, Western medicine has started collaborating with it, or at least observing it and trying to understand how such differing methods can achieve the same results. By finding out more about Chinese medicine, thanks to the technologies and science knowledge we have today, we may be able to perfect the way we care for human health on a much larger, more comprehensive level. Even if they are different, it doesn’t mean they can’t collaborate and learn from each other, all for the greater good.

A lot of people still use Chinese medicine, and swear by it; even people on this side of the hemisphere are starting to trust these ancient methods, and you can even benefit from Chinese medicine in NY.

Moreover, Chinese medicine in NY is practiced by experienced people, who’ve studied this phenomenon their whole lives. That being said, this kind of medicine usually seeks to cure the underlying problems of the body and mind, sort of like balancing all that is within us. Through their herbs and methods, they help us train our bodies and gain some control over what happens inside. A science that cares for the mind and body together sounds much better prepared to deal with our problems, than the disparate sciences we pride ourselves in.

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