The advantages of using a water fed pole system


When you work in an office, nothing is more relaxing than looking outside the windows in the winter. Employees get inspired when looking how it snows, and if they are happy, than your customers will be happier. However, if you have the office in a crowded city, your windows might be full of dust, and you will not be able to admire all the beauty of the frozen city. You should talk with a cleaning company and try to decide what products are suited for cleaning your windows. Many cleaning companies suggest their clients that they should use water fed pole window cleaning, because it has many advantages.

Amazing cleaning results

You should know that cleaning companies use water fed pole systems because this process does not involve the usage of detergents and chemicals. If the cleaning company you hire will use this system, they would use a soft bristled brush that agitates the particles and rinses them away with pure water. You should not be surprised that the windows of your office will remain wet after the cleaning company uses this system, because if they use this technique correctly, the windows will dry naturally and you will be impressed with the result. When using this technique the cleaning company will not clean only your windows, but also your windows’ frames. Many business owners choose this type of cleaning system, because the windows stay cleaner for longer time, after the cleaning is done. This is the result of the fact that this technique does not implies the usage of soap, and there are not residues left on the windows. The results will last even if it will rain, because there will be no residue to be mixed with water.

It is safe and health

You should know that modern legislation limits the use of ladders, and the cleaning companies use water fed pole systems as an alternative. This system offers the cleaners safety, because any accident would be avoided. Some suppliers provide water fed pole systems that reduce the possible effects of RSI and this will improve the working time of your employees, and will allow them to carry out their work at with the minimum strain.

Less disturbance and increased privacy

Many business owners choose to clean their windows with the help of this system, because it is less invasive, and has as result a minimum disturbance. You should not worry that the cleaning company will disturb your employees, because there will be no noise and your windowsills will not be damaged. In addition, this process does not last long, so you should not be worry that the cleaning team will stay more than one day at your office. You can do you work without having to worry that at a sudden time a cleaner will appear at your window. The cleaner will be able to reach your windows even if they are at the third store. If you want to admire the city in the winter from your office window, you should use a water fed pole system.

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