The Advantages of Titanium Watches

Have you ever wondered which may be the difference between titanium and gold-pieces watches? If so, you will now be able to see it clearly. As we all know, titanium is a harder metal than any other so, it firstly gives your watch protection. Being a light-weight metal highly resistant to corrosion, it is suitable for outdoor or sports-style use. Though, its most common usage is for dive watches.

As a matter of fact, titanium is a silver-grey metal which can be found in sand deposits. It is 50 per cent lighter and 30 per cent stronger than steel, so that in 1960s its main usage was in aviation and space craft construction. Also, titanium forms an oxide film which resists corrosion in case it is exposed to the atmosphere. Titanium is trendy due to its color. Even if it so durable, it was not an aspect of its watches’ industry. Its color is world widely haunting, so it fit in the new watch styles.

On of its main proprieties is that titanium resists corrosion. Also, because of its light weight, it can even be exposed to salt water without it getting corrode. Moving on to its next advantages, the watches made of this metal can be worn everywhere and anywhere, without it being affected by temperatures. Also, it remains a comfortable accessory. In addition, researchers have discovered unusual properties for a metal, such as it price. It is higher than stainless steel, and also it scratches easily. Though, a company called Citizen Holdings revealed a solution to this inconvenience – they sell their products with a glass coating which prevent the watches from scratches.

Another advantage of this innovating material is that it is environmentally friendly. Even it can cost more than stainless steel, it can be found as the primary metal in the priciest watches. As the highest advantage though, it is its durability. Having such a long time of living, titanium is the highest in top of the metals. In this case, more and more companies tend to buy titanium because of its requirements. Who knows, maybe inside your Rolex or Omega watch you can find part made of this metal, beautiful gray-colored! Doesn’t it make you feel positive about start wearing a watch? If the answer is yes, then you should opt for one made of titanium! You will not regret your investment.

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