Summer camps for girls – small guide for parents


If you are a parent, taking care of a young daughter can be a real challenge. Despite of buying fancy clothes, interesting books and funny games, parents should also be concerned about helping their girls to become confident. Just remember what Coco Channel once said: “A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.”

But according to psychologists, one of the best ways of helping your girls make the first step on becoming more confident and responsible is sending them in a summer camp. Believe it or not, a summer camp for girls is more than a popular activity. On brief, it is a harmonious combination of funny and educative activities.

But why are girls camps so popular?

First of all, you need to start with a small definition of this concept. This type of single-sex camp is the best opportunity for your daughter to socialise with other girls who have similar interests. Also, summer camps are a way of making friends and investing in amazing memories. But, on the other hand, experts say that these camps are also some budget-friendly alternatives. Therefore, if you do not have so much money to invest in a vacation, but you want the best for your girl, you should try looking for summer camps in Canada.

The benefits of joining a summer camp  

Becoming independent. Your daughter will become more independent. It is also true that this idea is somehow scary for the majority of parents who are afraid that this independency will make their girls take some bad decisions. But you have nothing to worry about because in the majority of camp programs, girls also learn something about responsibility.

Building confidence and self-esteem are another two important aspects when it comes to summer camps. Thanks to the modern activities, girls become aware of their strengths and abilities and they able to use them whenever they need them.

A healthier lifestyle. Most of the summer camps representatives claim that their programs also include sport activities and a healthy diet which is based on eating fruit, vegetables and so on. Some of the sports which are usually included in a summer camp are basketball, swimming volleyball or handball.


Learning more about nature. Due to the fact that modern kids are almost dependent on technology, spending some time in the middle of nature can be a good way for them to learn a lot of interesting things. Not to mention that, in case they get lost, they will know exactly what to do, thanks to the survival techniques which are learned during the summer camps programs.

Getting rid of stress. If your daughter has been stressed out in the last period because of her exams, she deserves to enjoy her holiday. The sport activities from a summer camp can be quite useful when it comes to this aspect.

Discovering their talent. The majority of summer camp organizers also include on their program arts and crafts activities and even some painting, drawing, singing or acting lessons. According to parents, this is the perfect way for girls to discover their talents. 

Things to put on your girl’s luggage for an amazing summer camp experience:

Going on a summer camp can be an exciting experience for both parents and kids. But, sometimes, when you are in a hurry, you can forget some important items. Therefore, here is a small list with some things that will prove useful for your girl.

  • A flashlight for her camp fire experience
  • A jumper for those days when the weather is not so friendly
  • Sun block lotion for protecting your daughter’s skin
  • A pair of sport shoes
  • Her favourite blanket or pillow that will remind her of home
  • A fancy dress for the summer camp party

What you should do while your daughter is her summer camp?

  • Take yourself a small vacation. Nobody can blame parents who crave for a holiday on their own. Therefore, take advantage of this period and go on a small trip. In case you would not like to leave your home because you do not want to spend so much money, you can at least go to a spa centre.
  • Visit your dear friends. When people become parents, they have the tendency to neglect their social life. Thus, why do not you take advantage of all this free time and call your friends. You can invite them going out or you can visit them and try to catch up the latest news.
  • Start that renovation/ redecoration process that you have been planning for years. While your girls are away from home, you can make them a surprise by painting their room walls on their favourite colour.
  • Sleep more. It is said that the parents of a girls are never able to sleep enough. If you agree, maybe you should try to sleep more.


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