Home improvement devices are meant to increase the level of comfort in a home. Generally, these devices feature the classic look of most appliances. They are bulky and they are better off hidden behind a piece of furniture. However, a few manufacturers have managed to develop some stylish home improvement gadgets that don’t need to be hidden as they can actually be confused with interior design elements.

Stylish humidifiers and dehumidifiers

Most people only use humidifiers during the dry winter months. As a result, few people actually care about the design of these devices. However, in the last couple of years, these devices have captured the attention of designers who gave them a full makeover. For example, Humidifier Version III is a stylish humidifier which disguises itself as a piece of interior design art. If you like your home to have a relaxing, spa vibe, you might want to check out the MAST Wooden Natural Eco Humidifier by Masuya. This humidifier is carved out of Japanese cypress wood and it doesn’t just look amazing, but it is also environmentally friendly, as it requires no electricity. It simply absorbs water from its tank and disperses it in the air.

However, if your home experiences the opposite problem, and you struggle with too much humidity that affects your health and the integrity of your objects, you can also turn to some designer-created dehumidifiers that will fit just nicely in a well-thought decor. Although it may not be the best rated dehumidifier, the Water Making Machine by Russian designer Alexander Syachinov absorbs the moisture from the atmosphere and turns it into drinking water! It utilizes an ozone filter to purify the moisture gathered, and you can use the resulting water for consumption, or for watering plants. Similarly, the LUNGS dehumidifier by French designer Aude Massoni allows you to grow plants and flowers inside the dehumidifier, which are then fed by the moisture collected from the air.

Stylish heaters

If you want to save some money on your utility bills, you might want to give your central heating system a break from time to time and turn towards heaters. While most heaters are bulky, compact and unflattering, there are certain heaters which can actually be used as decor highlights. The most common such heaters are infrared heater panels. They can feature gloss finishes, mirror finishes or even paintings and drawings. When you mount them on the wall, they look no different than a normal painting. If you are interested in the best infrared heaters, check out the otakutheater.com website.

Stylish air purifiers

Since air purifiers are used all year round, it makes only sense that they should be not only efficient, but also good looking, so that you don’t have to hide them on a high shelf. However, since there are so many controversies regarding certain types of air purifiers, which generate ozone, we will focus our attention only on those devices which are 100% natural. If your didn’t already know this by now, you will be happy to discover that certain air purifiers use actual plants in order to clean the air. These devices are not only Eco-friendly, but they are also very cute. These devices can increase the purifying properties of plants by 100%.

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