Starting your own business – why Singapore?

Starting your own enterprise can be an exciting prospect, especially if you have been working on your idea for a long time, but the entire process this involves will also bring a lot of stress to the table. Will you manage handling everything properly? Will you be able to get all legal paperwork demanded for your start up? How long will it take until you can actually start making a profit? You are probably well aware of the challenges that come with opening your own company. However, one of the most important decisions you will need to make from the start is selecting the base location of your enterprise. After researching the topic thoroughly, you will discover that a great choice in this department is Singapore. More and more entrepreneurs are redirecting their focus towards this region, but what makes Singapore so popular in the business world? The following aspects will give you the answer to the question – why Singapore?  

Strategic location – connectivity

When you are entering the business world, you should use to your advantage all resources you have access to. When a certain location brings you benefits by simply being strategically placed, you should naturally consider it as your first choice. Because it’s situated in South-East Asia’s heart, Singapore enables a rapid reach to Chione’s and India’s emerging markets. Access to the world’s leading logistics companies is also available in Singapore, and according to worldwide surveys, Singapore is at the top of Asia’s performance ranking list in terms of logistics. With impressive connectivity, advanced telecommunication and information networks, various of your processes can be at their peak level without much effort from your part. The benefits of this strategic location are certainly ones that have caught the attention of numerous entrepreneurs.

It’s just so simple to get started!

Don’t forget to look pass the obvious – the simplicity of getting started. In comparison with numerous other locations across the world, Singapore truly makes the process of opening a company extremely easy. The administrative implications of setting your enterprise up will be convenient to conquer, diminishing entirely the barrier that you might be confronted with in your home country. Business registration can be carried out completely online, and that includes applying for work passes, and other similar details. Specialists at can handle the entire process of registering your company, leaving you with even fewer responsibilities. If you want to set up your business in the fastest and easiest manner possible, there’s no other place that can top Singapore, and you will conclude that or yourself once you get started.

Highly diverse and qualified workforce

Because at the base of any successful enterprise stand its employees, hiring the right people for your company needs your ongoing concern. Well, Singapore can be considered as the Silicon Valley of Asia, and the pool of highly qualified, educated, cultural-diverse and talented candidates for any type of job position is as extensive as it can get. Finding available employees who can deliver the performances you are seeking for a smooth road towards success will not be at all difficult, which of course is a detail that cannot be neglected.  

Access to affordable business setup support

Collaborating with specialists who can provide you with assistance in the overall process of registering and setting up a company can be often necessary, if you want to speed things up, as well as handle everything by the book. Well, in Singapore you will be able to reach affordable support services, numerous reliable and qualified Singapore Company Incorporation Consultants Pte Ltd being available for hire. Staring from secretarial services and up to name checking and company incorporation help, you will come across a wide range of excellent services, which will not demand an unreasonable financial implication from your part. This will contribute to how easily and timely you will manage starting out.

Immigration policy

While the economical status of another country might seem more appealing to you, or you are drawn towards a certain region from other specific reasons, relocating to that country might involve a lot of hassle. In Singapore, the entire process of setting up a business as a foreigner is simplified, thanks to the flexible immigration demands implied. The open policy will give you the opportunity to put the base of your company easily, without having to worry about complex legal inquiries.

Tax system – the most convenient in the world

Taxes are usually something all novice entrepreneurs worry about, considering it demands so much of their attention, and things need to be handled properly to prevent dealing with legal complications. Well, once you look into the subject a bit further, you will find out that Singapore is well-known for its business-friendly tax system, being considered the most convenient in the world. A maximum 20 percent rate is being perceived from incomes that exceed 300,000 dollars, while the VAT rate remains somewhere around 7 percent – the lowest across the globe.

Intellectual property protection

In the digital age, intellectual property protection has become more and more difficult to obtain, which has affected numerous individuals, and has triggered a wide range of patent law cases. Well, in Singapore, this issue doesn’t raise that many worries among businesses, because this location has implemented strict, powerful patent, trademark and copyright laws. So if you are looking to keep your IP protected, Singapore will be one of the safest choices to make.

As you can see, Singapore could be the perfect location choice for entrepreneurs who wish to enter the business world in an easy and safe manner. These are the factors that come to one’s attention first, when trying to decide whether Singapore is truly the perfect choice for the opening of a company. If you already have a business plan put together, all you have to do is start documenting yourself on the process, and take the first step towards your Singapore business start up. Singapore has opened the doors to success for many entrepreneurs and it can soon do the same for you.

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