Some of our favourite marketing ideas for medical practices

One of the smartest ideas in marketing is not to put all your eggs in one basket. If you are a doctor, and you have your own medical practice, you may be afraid to try some new marketing strategies. Even if the one you are using at the present moment is not as effective as you may want, you have second thoughts when it comes to making changes. But the secret to become successful on the present market is to incorporate different marketing strategies into your promotional plan. This article will offer you access to some of the most successful marketing ideas doctors are using worldwide to promote their medical practices. As you will read, you will discover new ways to reach possible clients.

We do not suggest you trying all these strategies at the same time, but it would be wise from your part to incorporate some of them in your marketing strategies.

Create an account on YouTube

Nowadays, YouTube is one of the social platforms, companies worldwide use to reach their clients. Rather than reading an article people prefer to watch a short video, and YouTube is the perfect platform for offering people this opportunity. You can use it as an educational tool for your clients. Your videos should offer them recommendations. You should share with them your knowledge. Create videos that explain to viewers how certain procedures work, and what symptoms certain health issues have. This is a relatively new marketing strategy people are using to promote their businesses, therefore all you have to do is to check some videos created by other doctors from your domain, and create your content similar to theirs. Who says that you cannot use other videos as inspiration?

Send press releases to the media

This is one of the actions that help your company, and you do not have to do it frequently. You should use press releases to connect with your patients, to share them that you will take part to an important event. All the events you are organising or you are taking part to should be used as opportunities to create press releases. If you want to engage the public and make them talk about your medical practice, this is one of the best ways to do it. It will help the public know what you are doing, and they will be interested to find more about you.

Send appointment reminders to your clients

If there is a way, to show your patients that, you care for them that is sending them appointment reminders. You will need to install a software that comes with an appointment reminder feature to manage your appointments and to sync them with your patients’ contact details. Ask the patients what mean they prefer, you to use to send them reminders, because some of them check their mails more often than their phone messages. In case you run a small medical practice, then one of your employees can send appointment reminds, make it part of their job.

Offer your sponsorship to local events

Your patients come from different environments; therefore, you should not miss any opportunity you have to promote your medical practice. If you afford to sponsor local events you should do it, and you should use trade show displays to promote your brand during the events. If you do this you show your community that you support them, and you also reach patients who may have no heard of you. Any local event can be an opportunity for you to gain new patients, therefore you should also check on your list promotional events, conferences and other events that offer people the possibility to meet you.

Medical doctor sitting at table and looking patients roentgen.

Attend trade shows and exhibitions

There are numerous events organised with the purpose to allow doctors from different domains promote their services. You should attend this type of events, and create personalised content for your UK Exhibition Stands. Tell people what sets you apart from the other doctors who work in your domain, and why are your clients satisfied with your services. Also, your displays and brochures should include information about your services, discounts and prices. If your medical practice is located in a highly competitive area this strategy will help, you get in touch with prospective patients.

Offer health tips

You want to show your patients that you care for them. You should show them that you care for them even if they do not visit your medical practice. You can offer them health tips by creating blog posts, sending newsletters and posting on social media. A smart strategy is to send your patients periodically, a newsletter with pieces of advice on how to prevent certain health issues and how to maintain their body healthy. You can also start a campaign on social media, establish a day or week of the month when you offer tips on health.

Build a relationship with your patients

There are two ways to build a relationship with your patients. The first one is through your services. You have to make sure that everyone is satisfied when leaving your office. The second way to build a relationship with your patients is through social media. People are accesing social media platforms extensively these days, and you can use them to create a connection with them. You should share helpful content on your pages and you should answer to the questions users address you through social media. Offer them feedback, respond to their reviews, questions and comments, and they will see that you are interested in what they have to say.

Also, by being active on social media you increase your visibility, your social media followers’ friends can see your interactions. Even nowadays, the word of mouth strategy is one of the most successful marketing solutions companies are using.

Create a profile on a specialised platform

All domains have specialised platforms people can use to promote their services. Find out what your local platform for doctors is and create an account. Get referrals from your patients and from other doctors from your industry. Share with your network some of your difficult cases.

The marketing world offers doctors countless opportunities to promote their services.

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