Solid reasons for which people choose real estate careers

Realtors usually love about their jobs the freedom that it offers, the thrill of investing in various properties, by using various methods, and the control that they have over their jobs and decisions. Practically, realtors are their own bosses, and this is why many choose such careers in the first place. Compared to corporate jobs, as many individuals claim, these jobs are far more rewarding and satisfying, not to mention the fact that for many, this choice was a choice made out of convenience. As many may already know, a real estate job doesn’t necessarily require specialised studies and diplomas. Everybody can do it. However, below we have some solid reasons for which you may want to consider a real estate career.


Realtors have more freedom than corporate workers

For many, this is the main reason for which they choose such career paths. Because many real estate investors are their own bosses, this offers them enough flexibility to decide what and when they want to do. However, this is not a job for everybody. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, this may fit like a glove for you. But some people need to be guided, need to be given instructions, in other words, need a boss. Realtors also have to work under a broker, or even become their own broker, but that person doesn’t act exactly like their boss. In most of the cases, real estate agents are self-employed in a real estate office. This means that they can organize their schedules as they please, plan their days off and vacations similarly, even skip some hours of their days to attend an appointment or other personal businesses.

On the other hand, corporate workers have a well-planned schedule, work hours over the schedule most days and cannot plan their vacations as they desire. Compared to realtors, corporate workers have considerably less freedom. Promotions also come hard for corporate workers, meaning that they must wait for an advancement in their careers even ten to twenty years. Realtors, however, can work harder if they want a higher income. This depends entirely on them.

Real estate investments allow you to make some generous profits

Agents that don’t treat real-estate investments as part-time jobs or hobbies do have some impressive profits. Although official statistics tell us that real estate jobs are not that profitable, these statistics forget to mention the fact that those only working part-time are part of the poll, thus the average income per agent lowers. However, professional (and dedicated) realtors can pride themselves with impressive figures, in most of the cases. Especially if they specialise in commercial or luxury property investments, the monthly income is more than generous. In some areas, top agents can make up to a million per year, which is more than most corporate jobs can offer. After only a year in the field, most realtors reach 300k a year. Once again, compared to what other jobs can offer, this is far better.

Real estate investments are easy to manage

We previously mentioned that many land on realtors jobs out of convenience. This is true, and you may be completely unaware how easily can these investments be made, sometimes. Rentals are just one of the numerous investment options, but there are plenty others as well. Fix and flips, 1031 exchange California based, buy and hold investments, these all come with their own advantages. But maybe the most profitable option is DST investments, as they are tax-deferred and incredibly flexible. You may have heard about these investments as “like-kind” exchanges. But you know what?! The properties don’t even have to be similar. They only have to have the same price, in order for the investment to remain tax-deferred. Because in some cases these investments are a bit complicated than your usual real estate investments, specialists advise collaborating with a specialised agency, for the best results. Another great option is fix and flip investments, in which you can buy a property at an incredibly small price, renovate it and then resell, at a considerably higher price. The “buy and hold” type of investments require more patience, as you must wait for the market prices to rise, before selling your investment property. However, you can use it as a rental, during that interval. As you can see, the options are generous in terms of types of investments that can be done with success in the real estate sector.

Real estate investments offer a great work-life balance

Many families fall apart nowadays due to member’s inability of finding a good work-life balance. But guess what. Real estate investments allow you to improve the family relationship as needed, as these career paths are incredibly flexible and profitable at the same time. And because we mentioned profits previously, another reason for which families fall apart is money. More specifically, the lack of it. Real estate careers certainly answer all these requirements and they offer a manageable work-personal life balance. Also, when you work for yourself, you can plan your life and life decisions based on your own actions, not your bosses’. Realtors, however, have the incredible opportunity of planning their own future. In many cases, many couples seem to put on hold the decision of having a child due to financial reasons. Real estate jobs really offer you the privilege of deciding when you want to expand your family and take control over your life and actions. 

You will have unlimited room for growth

Have you ever felt like you can’t grow anymore at your job? Or that no matter what you do, you don’t seem to be appreciated? Many of us feel the same. However, realtors have the advantage of being able to grow continuously, expand their knowledge and make decisions as the work climate is requiring.

These are some of the most pertinent motivations for becoming a realtor. This career path has plenty to offer, but only for those who are working hard. So, decide on which part of the spectrum you find yourself, and see if this is a suitable job for you. 

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