With winter right around the corner, snow falls are imminent, and for people who live in snowy areas, removing the snow can be tiresome and exhausting. Even though snow is awaited by both adults and children, large amounts of snow can become a real headache because of the blocked roads, parking lots and covered yards. Shoveling snow may be the first solution that comes to your mind, but you might want to reconsider and go for a snow-blower, which will turn out to be more effective and less energy consuming.

The advantages of snow-blowers

The snow-blower is a device that helps you remove the snow from your yard, alleys, parking lots or main roads, being the perfect device to use in cold weather. The snow-blower crushes the snow with a big drill and throws it through the chute. Unlike shovels, which are small, take long time to remove the snow and require physical effort, snow-blowers are easy to use, comfortable and fast. Some snow-blowers come in the shape of a tractor and allow you to comfortably sit on the chair and simply guide it through the drifts of snow.

How to choose the best snow-blower for your needs

When you choose a snow-blower you must take in count the amount of snow you want to remove, the dimension of the areas that require snow removal, whether the ground is paved or not or whether it is a leveled area or a sloped one. This considerations are essential  in order to select the appropriate model that will best do the job.

There are different types of snow-blowers available on the market: single stage, two stages or three stages snow-blowers. The single stage models are smaller, lighter and easier to use, they can be electric, cordless electric or gas powered and are perfect for cleaning small paved areas such as alleys and drive ways. Generally, an electric snow blower require less maintenance than a gas powered one but it also has less power, meaning that it can’t handle heavy snow as easily as a gas model. Two stage snow-blowers have gas powered engines that are capable of removing big amounts of snow from large unpaved areas and are perfect for yards, main roads and parking lots. The three stages snow-blower is similar to the two stage version, but it is the most powerful device, being able to remove large quantities of snow from large areas 10 times faster. Choosing between an electric snow blower or a gas powered one is mainly a decision that depends on your local winter conditions as well as on the size of your yard.

Big names have usually nothing to do with performance. Although some manufacturers promote devices with big-names engines, sometimes results come from devices with small engines, but smart design.

In order to ease your job and make sure you choose the best snow-blower, make sure the model you choose has many features, including speed controls, power steering, headlights to improve visibility, clearing width and intake height in order to reduce the labor time, and heated hand grips to make work more comfortable.

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