Small Dog Breeds for Apartments

Small dog breeds are very popular among people who live in apartments due to the fact that they require little space and are portable, fitting into little carriers. Furthermore, they are adorable and get along with kids of all ages. Most women love these types of dogs. As such, it is no wonder that small dogs are among the first choices of Valentines gifts for her. However, if you plan on buying such a dog for your girlfriend’s birthday or as a Valentines gift for her, you must keep in mind that small dog breeds require the same care and attention as any other dog, because they make up for their size with huge personalities. They also need plenty of activities, exercise and a special approach to training. It is best to consult a small dog breeds list before making any important decisions. You will see that each breed is unique and therefore, has different needs. Try to find a breed suitable for your lifestyle and your living conditions, so that you can give it the best possible care.  If you consider that a small dog is right for you or your loved one, contact a local breed-specific rescue group or pet rescues and animal shelters. These are the greatest small dog breeds for apartments:

1. Maltese
The Maltese is a friendly dog that gets along well with kids and other animals. It is one of the most suitable small dog breeds for those with allergies, because they don’t shed so much hair. The Maltese dogs require a lot of human contact, so don’t leave them alone for long periods of time. They are playful, energic and loyal pets that bond with their owner. This purse pooch weights under seven pounds and is a great companion for the entire family.

2. Chihuahua
The Chihuahua is one of the smallest dogs in the world, often present in designer bags carried by celebrities. Although the Chihuahuas are loyal and lovable, they have a big personality to compensate for the size and can be sassy and highly active. Because they are known for nipping at children, they are probably not the best choice for families. In fact, if you check a small dog breeds list, you will see that the Chihuahuas are not the only small dogs with little patience. Most small breeds are full of energy and their patience should not be tested by small children. However, with serous training, they can get over the incessantly barking and show their loyal and affectionate side.

3. Pug
The Pug is one of the small dog breeds that gets along very well with children, other pets and adapts even in small apartments. The Pugs used to be pets owned by Tibetan monks and royalty. Although some have eye issues and breathing problems, this dog is willing to please and has a charismatic personality. Their goofy face and loving personality makes the Pugs the best Valentines gifts for her.

4. Pomerians
A combination between a tiny lion and a stuffed animal, Pomerians have an amazing personality and a distinct long fluffy coat. However, if you have small children, you should consider other small dog breeds because the Pomerian sheds profusely. Despite of this, they are great with children if you introduce them as puppies. This adorable ball of fluff have a bright personality and love to play and run.

5. Yorkshire Terrier
The Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most popular small dog breeds. Its blue and tan colored silky hair makes the Yorkshire an ideal purse dog that is often seen decorated with bows and ribbons. This old British breed is great for families and small apartments, being a good watch dog and an affectionate companion.

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