Simple Tips for Keeping Your Pool Clean

Having a pool is without any doubt extremely nice, but you must not forget about the fact that you must keep it clean at all times in order to avoid having health problems. In case you don’t know exactly how to do that, have a look at the following simple tips for keeping your pool clean.

Robotic pool cleaner

In order to have a clean pool at all times with less effort, you should consider buying the best robotic pool cleaner. This clever machine will certainly do a great job and you won’t need to do any effort whatsoever. It is true that the best robotic pool cleaner is quite expensive, but it is definitely worth the money and it is without a doubt a long-term investment. In case you decide to buy a robotic pool cleaner, you must keep in mind to get one that doesn’t just clean the water but also removes debris from the walls and steps.

Ultraviolet pool cleaner

Are you looking for a method to cut down the amount of chlorine that is usually used for disinfecting the water from your pool? If so, then you should know that an ultraviolet pool cleaner will do a great job. You will need to install a special sterilizer between the pool’s filter and the water return line. This sterilizer uses ultraviolet light in order to remove some of the chlorine that is found in the water. By doing so, you will certainly have a clean pool and most of all disinfected.

Empty the skimmer basket frequently

This is an essential step which you must follow in order to have a clean pool at all times. Remember to empty the skimmer basket frequently. That’s the place where most of the dirt is gathered and it represents a real danger to your health if it’s not emptied when it’s necessary.

Cover your pool when it’s not being used

In order to have a clean pool at all times, you should know that it is important to cover it when it’s not being used. You probably use it during weekends and if so, then you should keep it covered during the week. By doing so, you will avoid having a pool full of dirt, leaves and any other impurities that are in the air and in your garden.

Disinfect your pool

It is essential to disinfect your pool regularly, in order to avoid having health problems. You should definitely go for lithium-based chlorine because it dissolves easily and it doesn’t leave any residues whatsoever.

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