Do you want a full-body workout that can get you in your best shape? Have you tried rock climbing?

When speaking about rock climbing people refer to it as to a challenging activity that tests both your mental and physical stamina, but they don’t find it relaxing. Well, once you’ll gain experience, it will help you adopt a healthy mindset and keep your brain focused.  

What benefits do you get if you perform indoor climbing?

The same workout enhances both your cardio and strength

Both indoor and outdoor rock climbing provide an amazing workout for your entire body. By performing it repeatedly you build stamina, grow muscles’ strength, and improve your heart rate. It functions similar to a cardio exercise.

You need to build strength in your arms to pull yourself up, but you also need a strong body to find the perfect balance while you climb. Both your legs and core muscles will work while you climb a rock or an indoor wall.

It strengthens multiple muscles

Regular rock climbing will transform your body because it works multiple muscles at the same time. Your calves, lats, quads, delts, traps, biceps, obliques and abs will look better than before.

A single rock-climbing session requires every muscle from your body to work, and this will help you lower your body fat and BMI.

Improved mobility

As you’ll gain more experience you will notice that this sport raises your range of motion. This happens because this activity requires enhanced flexibility and adaptability as you try to escalade the rocks or interior walls, and you try to reach footholds and handholds.

Stretching is essential before every climbing session because you need to increase your flexibility and circulation, and get your body in the mood for climbing.

It reduces stress

When practicing sports, you raise norepinephrine levels and you relieve stress. Climbing is often considered an activity that can make you feel high because you perform multiple actions to climb, like springing, leaping and reaching that can offer you an exhilaration state.

If you decide to try this sport outdoors, Vitamin D from the sunrays will offer you an extra boost of energy that can lower your stress levels. It’s always recommended for beginner to try this sport indoors because it’s safer.

It boosts your mental strength

Climbing doesn’t work only your body muscles, but also your brain. You need to identify the route that can get you fast to your destination and you need to use your brain and to develop problem-solving skills.

It’s one of the sports that require excellent hand-eye coordination because you need to understand what the next step is to escalade effectively, and what face of the rock you need to reach.

Your brain needs to calculate what abilities, level of strength, and reach will help you move to the next step. It has to create a route your body has to follow. This is why, at first it’s advisable to stick to indoor rock climbing, it takes time for your body to get into this shape.

How can you get your body ready for rock climbing?

You can try bouldering at a local gym

If you practice bouldering you don’t have to use ropes because you’re climbing close to the ground. You should look for a gym specialised in this type of climbing. If your local facility offers both bouldering and rope climbing, you’ll also need to gain some rope skills because the walls are taller and you risk an accident.

Bouldering is a great way to start this sport because it’s more affordable than rock climbing and if you don’t find it right for you, you don’t waste your money. Also, this type of climbing is great for beginners because you don’t need a partner. You can go on your own as many times as you want, and when you feel you are ready for the next step you can ask one of the other bouldering students to join you.

It’s advisable to tell the representatives of the gym that you’re a beginner because they’ll inform you of the rules of the gym and they’ll assist you during your first training sessions.  

Build full body strength

As stated before, climbing is a full-body activity and you need to train your body to support this type of effort. If you are a woman, you may find difficult at first to maintain your body strength because you haven’t probably trained your biceps until now. The climbing trainer will probably tell you that you need to base to use pushing motions to escalade the wall, and you also have to achieve a good balance, to climb the wall safely. You shouldn’t rely solely on your hands, you need all your main muscles to help you.

You should do some exercises before you head to the local gym to climb a wall. Start with planking, it boosts core strength and it helps you improve your balance and control. You can do plank at home, you don’t need someone to assist you, and it’s an exercise you can modify in multiple ways to work multiple groups of muscles.

Squats are also a great exercise if you want to build body strength to improve your climbing skills. You should do at leads 20 squats daily holding 20lb dumbbell. This exercise won’t work out only your legs, but also your shoulders and biceps because you are holding weights while you perform it.

You should also start performing pull-downs because they allow to build strength in the body parts you’ll use most when climbing. You can start with some basic variations and as you gain more strength you can try other types.

Bring a friend

When you’ll try rope climbing you need someone to help you, and it’s important to trust your partner. So it’s recommended to practice this sport with someone who knows to belay and who ensures you are not at risk when you are climbing the top of the wall or rock. The belayer’s job is very important so it’s crucial to bring someone you can entrust your safety to.

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