Riyadh – The Future of Saudi Arabia’s Entertainment

Riyadh is the biggest city and the capital in Saudi Arabia, located right in the centre of the Arabic Peninsula. The city and its surroundings are filled with culture and tradition combined with the modern present and a pinch of the future, with many old and new landmarks to see. The contrasting beautiful sights can take you on a trip through the vast cultural heritage that dates long before Islamism appeared as a religion. It was initially the residence of a small tribe ruled by Banu Hanifa. It has always been a capital city and throughout history it had its ups and downs, but in the later part of it, the city went through an economic and demographic boom. Because of it, you’ll be able to see that the layout resembles the ones that big cities and metropolis in the U.S. have, with neighbourhoods arranged in grids and linked to the centre by the main roads. Being the capital city, it is also the administrative and commercial centre of the Kingdom, most companies settling their main headquarters there. Although it is a great place to go either for business, pleasure or any other reason, it is not indicated to visit during summer as the weather is awfully hot (almost 50 degrees Celsius during the month of July).

The city is continuously developing at a fast pace and that is great from any point of view. The latest news report that by the year of 2022 there will be a new entertainment city just next to the capital that will be almost as big as Las Vegas. This major project will bring an even bigger economic input to the area, more tourists and an immense notoriety.

The old

There is no greater pleasure than to visit and see with your own eyes the history and culture of this amazing territory and what better way to do that than through the timeless architecture and landmarks all around the capital city?

One of the biggest landmarks of a great historical importance is Al Masmak Fort that is a beautiful grandiose castle that has been surprisingly well preserved considering the fact that it has been built with clay and mud bricks. Today it is one of the main touristic attractions, as well as the Murabba Palace that nowadays hosts a wide exhibition of artefacts, clothing and art that talk about the culture of this place. Religious tourism is also a big part of the culture and tradition of Riyadh since it has some of the most beautiful old or new mosques. It is situated pretty far away from the famous ancient city of Makkah, but if you really want to go there and visit, you should know that you will have to travel for almost 800 km. Besides all the renowned historical landmarks and architectural attractions, there are also many archeologic sites, where specialists constantly discover new objects that build up the heritage of the place and culture.

The new

The capital city is the home of a wide variety of cultural contrasts in terms of mixing the old and the new, so the architectural spectacle is very interesting. Among the old landmarks, there have been built new additions and the most popular one is the Kingdom Centre, which is actually an impressing beautiful building, having 99 floors and a height of 311 meters and an important commercial centre.

One of the biggest projects that surround the area of the city, but is also of great importance to the whole kingdom is the entertainment city that is being built just next to Riyadh and, as mentioned above, is believed to be one of the main attractions in the close future for tourists, business owners and so on. Its Construction is part of a big plan to reform much of the economy and social life of the capital city and the kingdom in general.

The economic boost

With all of the changes that have been made so far, the economy of the country started to show signs of reviving, which also means that the touristic approach worked as expected. The hospitality industry is the most blessed one when it comes to finances, as the business and pleasure tourism is on the rise, especially in the capital city. Many hotels from Riyadh bring more and more accommodation services and packages, business centres and important event venues, so regardless of your reason to be there you can let yourself relax in their beautifully crafted oriental spas and wellness centres.

The development of this specific field has also created a wide variety of work opportunities for the locals, but it has also been a great target for investments from the big players in the real estate industry.

The reforms planned also include infrastructure development and rehabilitation, transportation and environmentally friendly projects, but also great improvements in the educational and sports fields.

The social changes

For the 2030 vision plan, major changes have been and will still be made gradually to bring Saudi Arabia to the great opportunities that the modern world offers. Since the employability rates have decreased over the past few years and the economy is walking on eggshells, as the population is already aware of it, there are a wide variety of reforms proposed or already adopted, such as the fact that the government granted women the permission to drive. All of these are made for the benefit of the population and overall functionality of the economy and social life in order to successfully develop and bring the blooming Saudi Arabia back to the glory it har been accustomed with.

Other great changes are made to work in it’s benefit as the laws concerning the tourist visas are milder than ever before, making it easier to apply for foreigners, so thy can visit the beauty and contrasting cultural heritage of the kingdom. This is a major step forward considering the fact that tourism is one of the most important parts of the economic development and the entertainment business that is also on the rise.