Red is regarded as the color of passion, love, vitality and even danger. Design specialists mention red as a powerful color, but that doesn’t mean it has to be avoided, on the contrary. There is no doubt that red is one of the most vibrant and noticeable colors, regardless if it is used in fashion, interior design or elsewhere. As you are about to see, red can be successfully integrated in bedroom design. Below you can find some great red bedrooms ideas. Taking in account that red is the color of love and passion, it is more that suitable for the bedroom. However, you must keep in mind other factors as well such as the size of your bedroom. For small home design ideas we recommend caution as red is a very pretentious color. Nevertheless, if you have a big bedroom, you can even make an all red design work.

  • Go for an ultra modern red interior design complimented with light panels, original red vases, and hanging vertical lights. Decrease the intensity of red and brown colors by choosing cream colored pillows and floors.
  • An idea for a child`s bedroom design is attaching a red and white bed to a matching shelf display. This efficient option works as a space saver.
  • Create a red bedroom by using a softer shade of red combined with a lighter shade or wood. This way you will get a more tranquil vibe. Do not forget to include a beautiful office and closet.
  • Think about red interior design from the perspective of combining a veritable Italian style with modern, contemporary trends.
  • If you have a small bedroom, you should avoid an all red decor as it can make the room seem smaleler than it actually is. As far as small home design ideas go, you should try to use red only in a few pops of the bedroom, such as the carpet, blanket and pillows. In this case, some soft wood that permeates most of the bedroom will look wonderful.
  • Choose a red bedroom inspired by the Asian style with graphic patterns on the bed and dresser. Keep the lines simple and clean.
  • Opt for an ultra modern red and white bedroom design, highlighted by dark wooden wall panels and matching floor. Across the wall, place a red banner with a white graphic.
  • Red is the color of the heart, so why not use this symbol in red bedrooms! Incorporate heart cut out designs all over the room and create a playful red and white bedroom design.
  • If you want sumptuous, luxurious and dark bedroom, red can be the perfect color for achieving this. Make sure you include a matching Persian carpet and decadent red walls.

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